10 of the Best Uses for Your Garden Room

Garden Room

Garden rooms are the latest must-have home improvement. An innovative and stunning addition, a garden room adds value to a property and provides additional space which can be custom designed to meet individual need. With almost endless possibilities, what would you use yours for? Let us inspire you with 10 of the best uses…

1. A self-contained living space

Whether it’s your teenager who’s not quite ready to move out or your elderly parent who needs a helping hand, a garden room can provide the independence your relative needs, in a place where you can keep a close eye. You can create a space that is perfectly tailored to your relative’s needs and separate from the main property to maximise privacy and independence. You’ll never need to worry, knowing you’re only a stone’s throw away if they need you.

2. A Home Gym

With a beautiful home gym, you’ll never need to fork out for expensive memberships again. Many people find it hard to keep up the habit of going to the gym, especially when they feel self-conscious. With this little addition to your home, you can workout in peace at any time that suits you. Because it’s all yours, you can kit it out with just the equipment to suit your fitness needs. Whether it’s cardio machines, free weights or more of a yoga studio that you’re after, you’ll transform your body in no time at all.

3. A playroom

Your home can quickly become a cluttered and noisy space when you’ve got kids. Your garden room can be designed to be totally child-friendly, offering a safe place where your little ones can play to their heart’s content. With beautiful patio doors, you’ll be able to supervise them from the garden or onlooking rooms in the house. Children love to have space to play and you’ll never have to step on a Lego brick on the way to collect the washing again – everyone’s a winner!

4. A garden Lounge

Tired of having to constantly turn the TV volume up to drown out the sounds of everyone else in the house? A garden room can provide a wonderful, relaxing retreat where you can escape the stresses of everyday life in purpose-built comfort.


5. A guestroom

You’ll hardly even know your guests are there when they’re accommodated comfortably at the bottom of the garden. By using your garden room as a guest bedroom, you’ll never have to bribe the kids to give up their rooms for guests again. With the rising popularity of Airbnb, you can even make a bit of extra cash renting this space out to holiday guests or students, without them encroaching on your personal space.

6. A hobby room

Everyone has a hobby, what’s yours? A garden room can give you the space to indulge in your favourite pastime in peace. With a dedicated space to fuel your passion, you might even find yourself growing it into your very own business before long!

7. A salon

For those working in the beauty industry, a customised garden room can provide the solution to costly commercial premises. And why work for somebody else when you can be your own boss? You can have your garden room kitted out with all the amenities to be a fully functioning, professional space to meet all your clients’ needs. You can choose your hours and you’ll never have to commute to work again, hooray!

8. A Home Office

Home-working is on the rise with more and more people opting for the flexibility and work-life balance it can bring. A garden room can provide a designated office space with ample room for all your paperwork and equipment; a professional environment in which to meet clients and hold important meetings. And at the end of a long day in the office, you can be home from work in a matter of seconds. Life-changing.

9. An Art or Photography Studio

If you make a living out of your creativity, a garden room can offer a stunning space-enhancing solution to working from home. Let your creativity flow, free from the distractions of communal spaces or the family home. You can have your room designed to meet your exact needs and you’ll never have to worry about the mess that art can make in your house again. With this setup, artists and photographers alike can enjoy the abundance of natural light that garden spaces bring.

10. A Bar

Tired of your local? You can’t get any more local than your own back yard. Rising prices have boosted the popularity of home entertainment and what better way to impress your friends than with your very own garden bar? You can entertain all year round, opening the doors onto long summer nights in the garden, sipping on your favourite cocktails with friends, and closing the doors on the cold with cosy winter nights around the bar with your nearest and dearest. You’ll save a fortune on the cab fayre home.


With this much versatility, it’s easy to see why garden rooms have become so popular amongst home-improvers. Contact us today for more information about this life-changing home addition.

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Who Are Rooms2u?

Rooms2u garden room

Rooms2u The Marketplace for Portable Rooms

In this fast-paced modern world, where space is increasingly at a premium, families are inevitably looking for innovative ways to increase their living space as the world adapts to constant changes.

Young adults are increasingly living at home with their parents for longer, with it becoming more and more difficult to get a foot on the property ladder. House prices have risen out of reach for so many. Another example of changes in demands can be elderly parents, with advancements in medicine has come an increased average life expectancy.

In both of the above cases, independence is a key desire. Both young adults and the elderly yearn to maintain as independent a lifestyle as possible, but for different reasons may need to stay close to their family.

The annex, of course, is not a new invention, but modern-day garden rooms have revolutionised the space massively. Not only can you build a fully functional apartment in your garden, but garden rooms provide a versatile solution for a number of today’s space dilemmas.

Whether you need to provide a private space for relatives or fancy creating some more space at your property, a garden room, or portable room could be just the solution you require. We take a look below at just some of the uses:

  • Music room / studio
  • Home office
  • Home gym
  • Workshop
  • Artists studio
  • Mancave / Teenagers den / Games room
  • Yoga studio
  • Homework / Study area
  • Additional storage space
  • Beauty studio
  • Annex / Self-contained apartment

As you can see, these garden spaces can provide a versatile solution for the extra space requirements that are troubling many families today. The many different styles, designs, constructions and uses have made them appealing for many families for a multitude of reasons.

Here at Rooms2u we recognised just how useful these spaces could be, with such a huge variation in the different products and pricing point, we realised that by bringing all of the options together, under one roof, so to speak, we could help people find the perfect solution for their own needs, which is how the concept of our marketplace was born!


Our website will make the search for your dream portable room much simpler, as well as providing you with a wealth of information to help you decide how to meet your unique requirements and find the ideal solution.

Over the next few weeks, we will touch on the different types of solutions mentioned above on our blog to help you gather all of the information you need to find the perfect portable room for you. Of course, if you have any questions you can get in touch with us on one of our social media channels, where we are happy to answer any questions you may have about portable rooms.

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