How to Create the Perfect Home Gym

With January just around the corner, many of us are already thinking about the changes we want to make in our lives. Improving health is a massive focus for many at this time, especially after all the overindulgences of the festive period. Creating your own home gym is a great way to improve your health and fitness without costly gym memberships and social anxieties that working out in public can bring. If you like this idea but don’t know where to start, check out our essential considerations…

Fitness goals

The first and most important consideration is your fitness goals. How do you want to work out? Most people have preferences for certain types of exercise and many have physical limitations that make some types of exercise unsuitable. Having said this, you will want enough variety to keep you motivated.

Think about what it is you want to achieve (weight loss, muscle gain, cardio fitness etc.) and plan your gym around this. If you’re not sure how to achieve your goals, this is the time to do some research on the best exercises or fitness plans for your needs.


Do you have space in your home to make the dream of having your very own gym a reality? If you have a spare room of adequate size for your needs, great. Otherwise, you could consider building an extension or getting a custom designed garden room to perfectly meet your needs. It’s essential you have enough space to meet your workout needs. If you only have a box room big enough for one treadmill, the likelihood is you will get bored quickly and give up.



Most people will not have an unlimited budget for their home gym so you will need to be realistic. Once you know your fitness goals and the space you’re working with, you will be able to make the best use of your budget. If you’re on a lower budget, it’s not necessary to have all the high-tech equipment – budget equipment can still get you the same results. If you want variety without the cost of many different machines, consider getting low cost equipment such as hand weights, kettlebells and a matt and installing a TV in your gym. You can use home workout DVDs or even access free tutorials on YouTube to give you a great total body workout at a low cost.

Another way of saving money is by buying the items you want second hand on social media, classified ads or auction sites. Do bear in mind, though, that you will probably have to collect large items in person when buying this way.

A final budget tip is to start basic. As long as you have the essentials to kick start your routine, you can upgrade equipment and try new things later on. This will help you to spread the cost and keep you motivated later down the line (nothing like a shiny new toy for renewed motivation).

Home Gym Equipment

Once you have a clear idea of your fitness goals, space and budget, you can make a list of the equipment you need. Here’s a list of great basic, and versatile, equipment you may want to consider for starters:

  • Barbell and plate set
  • Foam matt
  • Hand weights in a range of sizes
  • TV/DVD player/internet access
  • A cardio machine (e.g. bike, treadmill, cross trainer)

There are plenty more options, but these will act as a great starter kit. You could even think about switching out the cardio machine for a punchbag – a great stress reliever!

Additional Considerations For Your Home Gym

Flooring: the right flooring will protect your property, reduce sound and ensure your equipment lasts longer. Consider commercial grade foam flooring. This comes in interlocking squares, will last a long time and is very affordable.

Mirrors: Some people are motivated by mirrors, others not so much. Which category do you fall in? Mirrors are great for checking you have the right form whilst performing certain exercises and can be great for spurring you on once you start to see the results. Watch out for falling into the trap of just exercising the muscles you can see in the mirror though!

Atmosphere: Creating the perfect atmosphere can help you stay focused and committed. Think about lighting, music and décor for motivation.

Follow these tips to create the perfect home gym and you could be a brand new you in 2020!

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5 Ways to Create the Perfect Home Office

More people than ever are working from home, whether on a self-employed basis or a flexible working contract. Home working can bring flexibility and an improved work-life balance, but it comes with its own challenges. To work from home effectively, you must be super organised and disciplined. The space you work in will make all the difference. Maximise your chance of success with our top 5 ways to create the perfect home office.

Make your home office a space you want to spend time in

Unless you’re a true minimalist, plain white walls and nothing other than the most essential furniture and equipment will not make for an inviting space. If you’re working from home, you will be spending a lot of time in your office, so you need it to make it somewhere you want to be.

This will vary between individuals but consider creating an ambience that suits your personal style as well as being conducive to productivity. If you need to get a lot done quickly, dim lights and incense probably won’t help. Make it comfortable by investing in a good chair. Are you the type of person who works better with photos of loved ones around or do you see work as an escape from the family, preferring to look at scenic pictures of nature?  Get a good balance between style and functionality, adding personal touches to boost your mood.

Keep your home office neat and tidy

You will do your best work in a neat and tidy office, free of clutter. Invest in useful storage and filing solutions – and use them! When working from home, it’s your responsibility to clean the office. Make time in your schedule for clearing and tidying your space so that it doesn’t get cluttered. Knowing where everything is can help you to stay calm and focused whilst working.

Equip your home office to meet your needs

Make sure you have everything you need to get the job done. The right technology can make all the difference to your work rate and how easy your life is whilst working. You might want to consider upgrading your internet connection or having a dedicated work phone number.

How do you want to use your office? Will you be holding meetings in there or is it just for you? This will affect the furniture you need. If you intend to have customers in your space, think about how it will look to them and whether you’re creating the right impression.


Utilise the space effectively

Depending on the room you are using, you may have limited space so it’s important to get the most out of it, no matter how small. Measure the space before you buy furniture and invest in smart storage solutions that don’t take up too much room. If you’re working with limited space, consider devices that have multiple functions in one.

If you have the luxury of a larger space, make sure you maximise it’s potential. Don’t be tempted to junk it up with furniture you don’t need or use it as a storeroom. Consider having different areas for different purposes, such as a refreshment area, desk space, guest area etc.

Plan for avoiding distractions

Working from home inevitably brings its own distractions. Whilst you may be free from the office gossip, now you’ve got to manage yourself and that’s easier said than done for most people. Partners and children can add an additional layer to this problem. Make sure you plan for any distractions you may face. Clearly define your boundaries in terms of workspace and hours you will be working. Communicate these clearly to members of your household. Get a Do-Not-Disturb door sign if necessary. Write a list of things that may distract you – your phone, impromptu visitors, the lure of the fridge, the tv etc. – and plan for each one. Be strict with yourself. Plan your schedule and stick to it.

Following these top tips will help you create the perfect home office. If you find your spare room just isn’t enough, consider a garden room, tailored to your needs. This will ensure you have the ideal space for your requirements, separate from the main house and all its distractions.

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