Glamping Solutions To Make Your Garden The Holiday Destination of 2020

With the recent announcement that campsites and glamping sites could reopen on July the 4th many are rejoicing in the fact that there may be some hope for a summer holiday this year. Of course, with everyone thinking of a staycation this year, spaces are likely to book up quickly with campsites across the UK.

For those that can’t manage to get away this year either due to health worries, concerns of a second peak of the virus, or inability to book anywhere we have an alternative solution that will serve you for years to come!

For those with some outdoor space of their own, glamping in the garden could well become this year’s hot getaway.  We have some suggestions below of solutions to make your garden the holiday destination of 2020.

The Pod Father

The Pod Father

The Pod Father offers accommodation for glamping sites but is also ideal for garden camping or even a playhouse.

Sleeping up to 4 people on a super comfortable double bed and quirky bunk beds with a spacious seating area this solution is extremely versatile. Described by the creators as ‘a picnic, sleepover, wild adventure kinda pod’ this fun glamping solution comes with a waterproof cover that can be flipped open to enjoy the summer weather, gaze upon the stars or let some air in. For those rainy days close it off and listen to the raindrops fall from the comfort of the pod.

The Midi Pod

The Midi Pod

The Midi Pod is available as a shell only, or a deluxe which can even be fitted with a working toilet. Based on the ‘traditional’ glamping pod, the Midi offers a simple but comfortable space for up to 3 people looking for an overnight stay or short weekend away. Don’t be deceived by its overall size, as this unit is capable of holding two single beds and still have room to spare for storage facilities and even a small table

This pod comes complete with the following: double glazed UPVC window and single door, Rockwool insulated, full electric pack, LED lighting, steel chassis with removable axle.



The Retreat

The Retreat glamping

The Retreat could offer a luxury glamping experience in your own back yard, providing a luxurious apartment with separate shower room and alcove for a kitchen. This solution is suitable for couples or families, the Coach House provides more than just additional accommodation, but a whole living space.

The Retreat Cabin can be made in a variety of configurations, choose the number and position of all the extensions and choose from 3 different diameters of central cabin: 4m, 5m (pictured) or 6m. The specialist designers can even tweak any elements to suit your individual style, adding bunk packs, mezzanine floors, and storage areas if needed.


The Helgen Glamping

The most expensive option on this list offers an eye-catching and quirky design that allows you to connect with nature. The highly insulated core accommodates a living room/bedroom and it’s surrounded by a kitchen, bathroom, boot room, and a veranda with floor to ceiling glass.

The willow tree was the inspiration for the external cladding. As the tree ages, the bark of the willow splits, producing an abstract lattice. The way in which light from the sun interacts with the swaying branches of the tree has also influenced the design. The sun casts beautiful shadows and alternative perspectives are created through which the beauty of nature can be appreciated.

The space offered within the Helygen allows individuals, couples, and groups to settle in comfort and style. Our streamlined design provides the privacy and comforts of home to a standard that mainstream pod designs aren’t able to accommodate.

Of course, there are many solutions on our marketplace to suit all requirements, both aesthetically and functionally. Click here to start your own search.

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Make Your Home Work For You This Summer

The Coronavirus pandemic left many people with a lot of spare time at home over the last few months, which led to many catching up with those long overdue DIY tasks that needed to be completed. It also highlighted the need for more space for many, and with the usual holiday plans canceled for the foreseeable future, the need to be able to enjoy perhaps even more time at home this summer.

For those with families, the disruption and sheer amount of time spent with one another has tested patience, relationships, and often sanity, which has led to many people deciding to improve their home and living spaces this summer with the money they would have spent on a holiday. A recent survey by Checkatrade revealed that 35% of us have come to hate at least one room in our home in lockdown and 28% surveyed needed more space. Those wishing to make changes are planning to spend an average of £1,179 on home improvements when the restrictions are completely lifted. Below we have some suggestions for changes that could make your home the place to be.

1. Create a calm sanctuary somewhere

This could be your bedroom, the bathroom, or perhaps a spot in the garden. Somewhere you can go and wind down from the stresses of the day and get some much-needed alone time.

This area should be comfortable, calming, and inviting. Use a calm colour palette with tones that induce feelings of calm such as blues, sea greens, blush pink, or perhaps a neutral grey colour scheme. Pair this with a range of soft and inviting textiles and some calming scents such as candles or incense to help you destress from the day.

If your garden or outdoor space is the place you chose to relax consider some citronella candles to deter bugs. Ensure you have comfortable seating, whether its chairs, loungers or even huge outdoor beanbags and ensure there is some shelter from the British weather, this could be in the form of a gazebo perhaps?

2. Invest in good storage furniture.

With the home being used for many more functions that before the virus, such as home office, schooling, and full-time entertainment zone. It, therefore, pays to invest in good quality, versatile storage that can keep everything in its place until it is needed.

The Ikea Kallax range, but sites such as have some nice alternatives. Ensure you pick something that can stand the test of time and adapt with the ever needing demands of life. This way you are ready for whatever life throws at you!


3. Outdoor fun

If you have a garden, making the most of this space is definitely the best way to enjoy summer. Make the garden work for you!

If you have children think about how they can stay entertained outside, this could be with paddling pools, slide, swings, a digging area or perhaps a Wendy house?

For the adults how about a BBQ area, hot tub or patio to sunbathe? Think about your individual needs and create an outdoor space that fits your lifestyle.

With the unpredictable British weather, you could choose a BBQ hut like this, enabling you to entertain and eat outdoors come wind, rain, or shine.

For those looking for something a little grander, how about installing a pool house in the garden for all year round fun?

4. Getting some extra space.

Living conditions may have seemed more cramped with everyone under one roof. If you have decided your home needs some extra space, there are a few available options.

The first is a home extension, this is the perfect way to make your homework for you by adding extra space where you need it. This is the costliest option and will require a bit more time for planning and design.

The second option is a conservatory or lean-to. This can add some extra space to your home which could be used for a relaxation area, playroom or home office even.

Finally, you could add a garden building separate to the house itself. There are a number of options which can suit your every need, from garden offices to log cabins, garden gym solutions, playhouses and more! This is the most versatile option of the three which can be designed for your exacting requirements. You could even set up a home-based business with one such as a nail salon.

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Could Travelling Offices Be The Future?

There’s no denying that COVID changed the world, only time will tell how long we need to maintain some form of distance. While things are gradually beginning to return to some form of normality, albeit slowly, there is fear of a second peak.

One of the most notable consequences of this pandemic was the sudden and immediate need for people to be able to work from home. Requiring space, and somewhere quiet to carry out work. For parents of young children, this has proved somewhat difficult.

Garden rooms have been surging in popularity in recent years, a versatile extra room to serve the exacting needs of their owners, but they aren’t the only way of gaining an extra room.

Multi-Functional Caravans

On our marketplace we have a few caravans which can double up as a spare room/office space while being a travelling home for holidays and weekend getaways, making them even more versatile than a fixed structure such as a garden room.

We have selected two options below, but you can check out the full range of caravans available on our marketplace right here.

The Lone Traveller

Lone Traveller

Designed and built for a lifetime on the road this 18ft Tiny House on wheels is perfect for anyone wanting the flexibility to easily move from site to site.

The Loan Traveller is designed to be very mobile friendly for anyone that may need to move their home regularly. Standard sizes start from 18ft x 8ft which have room for a large mezzanine bedroom upstairs which can fit a double bed.

The ground floor is fully equipped with a kitchen, bathroom, breakfast bar and seating area all with underfloor heating as standard.


Barefoot Caravan

Barefoot Caravan

The Barefoot Caravan is a versatile space perfectly suited to the current home working conditions. It can be set up for homeworking and then taken away for adventures. It comes completed to a high spec. with your own bespoke choices.

Curved, stylish and unique, the Barefoot Caravan has been designed and developed in Britain in a collaboration of manufacturing expertise.  Despite being compact on the outside, they are light and spacious inside, with luxury seating that converts to a huge bed, plus a kitchen, shower room and lots of storage.

Perfect for great adventures in the UK and abroad, and a versatile space for home working or as an extra bedroom.  Ideal for people who are new to caravanning, and attracting great demand from campervan enthusiasts and tent campers.

Each Barefoot is made to the customer’s own specification with a lovely choice of body colours and upholstery.

The Benefits of Using Caravans for Home Offices

We have listed some of the benefits of opting for a caravan like the two above to provide your extra space/home office requirements. Can you think of any to add?

  • The caravans are built to order with a choice of interior options to suit your exacting needs and requirements.
  • Your home office set-up can literally be taken anywhere.
  • Work while enjoying the sights of somewhere new.
  • Allows for an extra room/office to be parked on the driveway or in the garden for use whenever it’s needed.
  • The most versatile extra space solution there is.
  • Eliminates restrictions.
  • Offer complete freedom.

No one expects COVID to last forever, but this pandemic has brought to the forefront the need to be adaptable and versatile. The world is changing and with it the way we operate and do things. A caravan could provide the ideal solution; bringing the ability to travel in freedom and work in isolation together in one unique space.

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6 Versatile Garden Office Solutions

There’s no denying the Coronavirus pandemic has changed the world, the repercussions of which we have yet to see. Many believe, that the way we do things will be permanently changed, long after the threat of the virus has disappeared.

One of the changes that are anticipated, is the rise of remote working. Remote working isn’t exactly a new concept. The internet, cloud storage, connectivity, and enhancements in security have made it easier for employees to carry out their work from home, which has a number of benefits for both the employer and employee. Employers can reduce the overheads of their office costs and employees can reduce commuting time and costs.

The COVID pandemic, expedited the need for companies to implement systems to allow customers to work from home. Zoom became a verb almost overnight with many people now referring to online meetings as zooms in the same way we refer to searching the internet as googling something.

Working from home does, in some cases have its disadvantages though, such as distractions, interruptions from the people or animals you live with and a lack of dedicated space, all of which reduce productivity. For those that simply don’t have the space to create a home office inside the house, a garden room is the ideal solution. We have selected six from our marketplace to showcase versatility. But you can, of course, start your own search here.


Lugarde Napoloen Garden Office

Lugarde Napoleon Garden Home Office

The Lugarde Napoleon garden home office always puts a smile on people’s faces. Its compact size belies its capacity to be the perfect tiny home office. Planning rules friendly (less than 2.5m high) and offering lots of light through its double-glazed windows and matching door, the windows offer air-grates for fresh air. The design is clean and contemporary and will fit into any sized garden. The inside is beautifully finished in natural pine with an internal roof finial, requiring no further work.


Morgan Garden Studio garden Office

Morgan Garden Studio

A stylish and alternative solution for extra indoor space within your garden. Morgan Garden Studios offer a product that stands out for its beautiful design and quality build. Every garden-studio is handcrafted in their workshop and delivered and assembled on site. The concrete pad system in which the studio will sit on is also provided and the highest quality materials such as cedar shingles, slate and the choice of stone or brick cladding will give your garden studio the individual look.

Oakland Garden office


The Oakland garden room is ideal for use a garden office and highly customisable to suit your individual style. It comes in a range of size and design options with a choice for supply only, or supply and fit. There is a range of colours to suit your taste which requires no painting. This room is low maintenance and fully insulated and secure.


Merywen garden office


The standard Merywen design comprises of a highly insulated core clad in local Welsh larch and comes in three sizes. Inspired by traditional Japanese architecture, it is designed to be versatile, economical and contemporary and provide space ancillary to the main living quarters. Another Japanese element that can be included on request is the upholstery of furniture and for this, the maker will follow principles of Wabi-Sabi in the designs of patterns for cushions or mattress covers with the introduction of some Sashiko stitches technique.


garden office tg01

The Garden Office | TGO1

The TGO1 combines modern styling with a traditional garden lodge feel to create what is now a current-day classic. The sloping roof of the TGO1 extends from all sides creating a grand hooded feature, styled in either black or graphite. The three-board decking is colour matched with your choice of either graphite or black to complete the pleasant aesthetic finish. Unique to the TGO range is the wrap-around door and window sets to enhance the corner aspect of your garden office.


OfficePOD 5.0 garden office

OfficePOD 5.0 Series

Through their unique ability to be located both outside and inside buildings, OfficePOD’s range of products offers unrivalled choice for those who need to make better use of their valuable real estate. And when a lack of space and privacy risk compromising basic operational effectiveness, productivity, and even morale, they can create new space in underused areas such as lightwells, courtyards, and atria. The OfficePOD 5.0 Series is also available to rent as well as purchase, which makes it ideal for people who don’t want the commitment of a large purchase, those who rent their home or people looking for a less permanent solution.



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Desperately Need a Playroom for the Kids?

Are you tearing your hair out during lockdown, faced with endless weeks of school closures, kids at home driving you mad and the impossible task of home educating? Don’t worry, you’re not alone and we might just have the answer you’ve been looking for – a summerhouse or garden room! Here’s a few reasons why a garden room is the ideal solution for parents…


If you’re like most parents we know, you will probably already be craving distance from your kids, it has been weeks of school closures now. For all the noise, mess and exhausting demands, distance is the answer. You just need a little space in the garden to create their perfect play sanctuary. If your kids are very young, a garden room is the perfect playroom where you can store all their toys away from your living room where they get in the way and look unsightly. Although your garden room is safely just a few metres away, it is far enough to save your sanity, allowing you to get on with homeworking or household chores in peace. It can also make the perfect den for older children, or young adults, to get on with their schoolwork or relax with their video games.


A garden room is a space where you know your kids can play safely with minimal supervision. It’s close enough to the main house for you to hear what’s going on or if they call out for you. You can design it to meet your exact needs with safety in mind, which is especially important for parents of very young children. Others love the fact that they can have large doors opening out onto the garden for children to safely wander in and out, exploring nature at their leisure. You’ll be able to watch over them from the back of the house, whilst enjoying a relaxing cup of tea.



Because the garden room is separate from the main house, it allows for those first steps towards independence. Your kids will love the fact that you are showing them trust and giving them the responsibility of managing their own space away from the house. It creates a safe environment in which they can begin to become more independent, but right under your nose so you don’t have to worry. Let them manage the space and encourage them to take responsibility of the cleaning and the décor so they take ownership of their environment. This will be a valuable learning experience for later years (homeschooling – tick!).


A garden room is a wise investment that, whilst serving as the perfect playroom now, will be adaptable to meet the changing needs of your family. Kids grow up fast and this space will be the perfect bedroom for a teenager in a few short years or for your aging parents when they need a little extra care in later years. You could use the space for many different things including a home office, gym or relaxing sanctuary. It will also give a nice little boost to the value of your home.

Garden rooms and summerhouses can be installed quicker than you might think. If you’re desperate to reclaim your house from the kids, get in touch today.

The featured image is the Okehampton log cabin which comes in three sizes. Find out more here.

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Work from Home in a Garden Room

With the Coronavirus pandemic, came a never before seen need to work from home. Large numbers of people have had to work from home for as long as is needed to mitigate the risk. Businesses small and large may be beginning to think about re-opening but nobody knows the true scale or length of time the unprecedented healthcare crisis we face will limit our lives in one way or another.

Flexible and remote working has been on the rise for many years now, since technology and legislation have developed to a point that facilitates this lifestyle well. Home working reduces travel time and costs and improves employee wellbeing because it provides a less stressful environment and improves work-life balance.

The current health crisis may be the worst we have yet witnessed as a planet in living memory but it’s not the first and the fear is that it won’t be the last, with rising populations and ever-increasing global interconnectedness. With the blessing of technology that facilitates it, it may be the time for people to seriously consider home working as a viable long-term option, whether in an employed or self-employed capacity.

How can you create an effective workspace in your home?

Many people struggle to work from home because there are so many more distractions, from kids running around making noise to the temptations of home comforts including the TV, sofa and the lure of the fridge.

The key to working effectively from home is to create a dedicated space as free of distractions as possible. Your workspace should be set up in such a way that promotes productivity, with the right equipment and technology to do your job effectively.

It is helpful to have a set work schedule and stick to it, making sure others in your household do not disturb you during these hours.

Garden rooms are becoming an increasingly popular way for people to work from home because they provide a beautiful workspace which is separate from the main house and all it’s distractions.

The great thing about a garden office is that you can design it to meet your working needs, so you’re not just making do with the inadequate space you have available indoors. If you run your own business, garden rooms often provide a space adequate to meet people’s entire business needs which dramatically cuts the cost of renting space elsewhere.


Many types of business can run effectively from their garden, from internet ventures to beauty salons, art studios and personal training gyms. Much of what you can imagine can be facilitated in a garden room and they can be designed to scale and be future proof too.

For example, many people start their venture working alone from home but design their garden room to facilitate another three desks so they can employ staff easily when the need arises.

Having a garden room promotes a work mindset far more than using a room inside the main house because, even in some small way, you are still leaving the house and going to a different environment to start your working day. You get the best of both worlds, by travelling home from work each day in literally seconds.

Future proof your career now with a dedicated workspace at home

There’s never been a better time to create a lasting workspace in your own home. Getting the perfect space set up now, whilst you have the time to design and facilitate the installation, will set you up for many years to come.

If you’re an employee, you will be able to enjoy greater freedom by asking for flexible working rights from your employer and being able to demonstrate your capacity to work in this way.

If you’re self-employed or thinking of starting your own business, now is the time to take the plunge or take your business to the next level.

We don’t know what the future will hold or how things will change as a result of the current crisis. All we can do as individuals, is use the time we have wisely to rethink our habits and routines and restructure our lives to prepare as best we can for an uncertain future – working from home may just become the new norm.

Image Used is The Ashmere. Find out more about it here.

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