What to Consider When Getting a Garden Room

*Image is Bentleys Garden Room

Has spending more time at home has made you feel like there just isn’t enough space? Perhaps you’d like studio space, a spare bedroom or somewhere to evict the children when they’re driving you mad? Whatever the reason for the extra space, a garden room may well be the perfect solution! Here we explore some things you should know about erecting a garden room!

Will I Need Planning Permission When Getting a Garden Room?

Generally speaking, you will need to apply for Planning Permission if you intend to use the new space as accommodation and also if you want to exceed the 2.5m height limit allowed under Permitted Development. Every council is different but usually, you can expect this to take up to 10 weeks. Your local council will often provide pre-application guidance so that you can at least know what you are doing and what to expect along the way.

What is Permitted Development?

Permitted Development allows for the construction of garden rooms or “annexe’ buildings without planning permission. Considerations are taken as to the intended purpose of the garden room. In order for a garden room to be allowed under Permitted Development, there are some rules that have to be followed such as:

  • The garden room will not be used as accommodation.
  • The garden room cannot take up more than half of the area of land around your house.
  • The garden room cannot be erected at the front of the house or sticking out the side.
  • The garden room should have a maximum height of 2.5m.

Anything Else I Should Consider?

It’s important to consider how much actual space your new room will take up. You should try to have it be at least a metre away from your fences and boundaries. You should also consider surrounding trees and how much the roots of the tree will be damaged by your build. Foundations of garden rooms are generally fairly light and they can be put in using ground screw systems.

Of course, if you are considering selling your home in the future, a garden building can be an added perk and help you to get more money for your home; however, if the remaining garden space is unusable; this may be off-putting for a potential buyer.

Consider the roof; sloping or flat? The truth is they both have their benefits. With pitched roofs giving an illusion of internal space while flat roofs appear more contemporary and often blend into their surroundings more seamlessly.

If you are worried about overheating, as well as the importance of good insulation, consider an overhang to allow for shade, louvred screens to cast shade into the room, blinds and even air conditioning are some of the great options available to keep your room cool in those hotter months.


Can I Make an Eco-Friendly Garden Room?

Of course, most people will wish their room to have some type of power, possibly even water supply/drainage and perhaps heating as well. If you’d like to try and reduce or even eliminate the carbon footprint of your garden room, why not consider photovoltaic solar panels and a storage battery? These items coupled with professional airtight construction, MVHR (mechanical ventilation with heat recovery) with super insulation will not only lower those utility bills for the garden room but also allow for the space to be “off the grid”.


There are of course more things to consider when getting a garden building, certainly a reputable construction company is not the least of these! You can look at our marketplace to browse all the different kinds of garden rooms available, contact multiple sellers with enquiries at once or even try our new wizard and get some suggestions of suitable solutions for your needs!

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5 Reasons To Get a Container Conversion

The need for extra space at home is a common one, of course, you could move to a bigger house, but if that’s too much hassle or money there is always the option of an extension. Again this is costly and may cause some inconveniences while the building works are ongoing. This is why garden rooms are increasing in popularity. Allowing an extra room, or two to be erected in the garden.

While log cabins and composite garden rooms are one way to achieve extra space, container conversions are becoming an increasingly popular option among people. We take a look at the benefits of a container conversion below.

Container Conversions are Environmentally Friendly

Using a converted container is kinder to the environment as it is recycling something and giving it a new lease of life. Containers have been used for storage and shipping for many years now, but when they are upgraded by the companies who use them, what becomes of them? By reusing a container you are recycling something that could be left to rust in a wasteful manner and giving it a new lease of life.


Converting a container can be cost-effective as the main structure is prebuilt and ready to use in the shape of a room. With a number of sizes available, containers can also be joined together to create larger and multi-room structures making them extremely versatile. By opting to repurpose a shipping container you can save time and money.


Being made of metal these containers will protect your room from the elements. It can be painted in a range of interesting colours to suit your tastes to prevent erosion and insulated to provide a warm space year-round.

Extremely Versatile

As mentioned above, shipping containers are an extremely versatile solution. You only have to search Pinterest to view the opportunities. Some have managed to create amazing multi-story homes with these recycled containers by joining numerous containers together. With a little creativity, you can create something practical and truly unique by recycling one or more of these units.

Easily Moveable

Unlike other structures, should you wish to move the locations of a container conversion either within the same garden or to a new space altogether, it’s possible. Many people have to leave a garden room behind if they move, but a shipping container can leave the same way it came in in most cases.

How Can I Convert a Shipping Container?

Containers and more are one company that specialises in converting shipping containers for a multitude of uses. Whether you are looking for extra storage, a garden office, an annexe or somewhere to hang out then a container could be the right solution for you.  The container is just the starting base, which can be adapted with windows, doors and much more to get the ideal, perfect, bespoke building for you!

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5 Types of Garden Room

Pictured is the Buddha Lounge by Into The Garden Room

Garden Rooms have become a popular way to add some extra space at home, providing you have a garden, then it’s quick and simple to gain an extra room. With so many options on the market, there are solutions to most needs, from additional space to somewhere to work and even additional living accommodation.

In this blog, we take a look at 5 popular types of garden room; you can find out how to choose the perfect garden room for you here.

Garden Office

With the rise of home-working has come the need for a dedicated space to work. Garden Rooms are the ideal way to gain some extra space, purely dedicated to your working set up. Some people simply want a small ‘box’ in the garden with a desk, chair, internet connection and heating to work from year-round, while others prefer something larger that can be used as a multi-use room for both work and play.  Whatever your requirements, the clever creators of these rooms have something to fit your needs. Below we have picked three options to give you an idea what’s available, but you can start your own search for a garden office here.

Solis garden officeCube garden Officeufficio garden office
The Solis by Under The Living SunThe Cube by Aspen Garden RoomsThe Ufficio by Urbanpods


Sunrooms are the perfect place to relax and bask in the sunshine, when possible, year-round. From the height of summer to the chilly winter sun, you can relax and perhaps read a good book or have a coffee and catch up with friends. Traditionally thought of as conservatories, there are now multiple options to enjoy some covered dinner al fresco or catch up with friends and be sheltered from the unpredictable British weather. We have listed some below for you, but you can start your own search for sunrooms here.

The Burghley Sunroommelbourne sunroomSOLARDOME Retreat
The Burghley by Scotts of ThrapstonMelbourne 1200 by Nordic Garden BuildingsSOLARDOME® Retreat by Solardome Industries


For those looking to provide some extra living accommodation, be it for an elderly family member, a first time home for a young adult, or as a way to earn some extra income from renting it out, then a garden room could be the ideal solution. Annexes provide independence for both parties, are attractive, and come in many different shapes and sizes to suit all tastes and styles. Whether you only have a small bit of space or lots of land to build a pre-fabricated home on, then you can find the ideal solution on our marketplace. We have selected three to showcase below, but you can start your search for an annexe here.

Log Home Annexetiny house annexe
Bespoke Camping Pod by Garden Room DesignCresta 2 Bedroom Log Home by Norwegian LogBespoke Tiny House by Tiny Homes Ireland 


Gardens have always been the ideal place to have a workshop, close to the main living accommodation but separate enough to keep things segregated such as mess and clutter.  Garden rooms provide the perfect versatility, allowing you to choose a solution that works for you. Whether you need a workshop to let your artistic talents flow, or perhaps somewhere to create or repair objects a garden room could be your ideal solution. We have chosen three options below, but you can start your own search for a workshop here.

Aldford Barn Workshopgarden workshopsstandard workshop
Aldford Barn by 1 Click Log CabinsThe Garden Workshop by Green RetreatsStandard Workshop by HG Spaces

Recreational Room

Finally, garden rooms are the ideal place to create recreational space. Whether its a mancave, gaming room, garden bar, gym or somewhere to host band practice, for example, there is a garden room to suit. There are many optional extras that can be installed such as soundproofing if needed, making them versatile and functional for a host of purposes. Once again we have selected three to share on this blog, but you can start your search for a recreational room here.

Sound Studio Roomgarden gymGames Room
Sound Studio by Garden 2 Office LtdComposite Garden Room 3W by Garden Rooms East AngliaSteel Framed Games Room by Option Garden Buildings Ltd
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How To Choose The Perfect Garden Room For You

Featured image is Cedar Cladded garden Building by Oakstone Solutions, find it here.

Garden rooms are an incredibly versatile way of gaining some extra space, whether it’s for living, relaxing, working or storage there is something to suit. But, how do you know which garden room is the best choice for you with so many choices on the market?

We take a look below at some of the key considerations.

What will the garden room be used for?


This is the primary consideration and will be the largest influence on your choice. Do you need the space for work, relaxation, perhaps it’s a spare guest bedroom or an annexe for a family member? Will it be a multi-functional space such as somewhere to work and relax, or do you just need a small area to work from? Your deliberation will also require the contemplation of the following points:

  • Will it be used for one sole purpose or multiple purposes?
  • Do you need utilities connected to the garden room such as electricity for lights and power, or water for a sink or toilet?
  • How much space do you need?
  • How frequently will the garden room be used?
  • Will it need insulation to be used year round?

Consider Your Budget

Once you have decided what the room will be used for you should do some research on pricing and options. There’s no point getting carried away with plans and then discovering the garden room of your dreams is way out of reach. Make a list of your wants and needs, needs are things the structure HAS to have, while wants are optional extras that would be nice and can be added if the budget affords.

You can get a good idea of prices on our marketplace here. This can serve as a guide to start making your plans.


What Style do you like?

Garden rooms come in a range of styles and finishes, from conventional log cabin designs to funky and modern shapes in a range of colours. Consider the finish you would like, would you prefer natural wood or a composite wood finish? Which colour would best fit in with your garden and home? With wood, there’s the choice of natural, stained or painted and with composite finished there is a range of colours to select.

Choosing the shape will be dependent on the space you have to install the garden room. For small gardens a corner unit may work best, L-shape structures are a good way to increase the footprint, for annexes there is a huge range of shapes and styles available, with some unique looking buildings.


Do you need installation?

Some garden rooms come as kits to build yourself at home, while others can be installed by the company you buy from. Of course, installation is a more costly option, so for those that are quite handy and can find something off the shelf so to speak, a self-build option could be the way forward. For anything fairly complicated though, that requires the connection of utilities etc, it’s always advisable to use the correct trades for the job, this will increase the cost of the build and should be considered first.


Does a garden room require planning permission?

If you are building an annexe for dwelling then yes, planning permission will need to be obtained. Most garden rooms, however, can be built under permitted development rights if they are for an office, summerhouse etc. This is providing they are below 2.5 metres in height and are of a single story. Some areas of outstanding natural beauty are excludes from permitted development rights, so we always advise checking with your local council first, but here are the general rules for outbuildings under permitted development rights.

As with any large purchase, it’s always sensible to look around at what’s available and do proper research before committing to a purchase. We have some other interesting blogs that may help you in the search for a garden office, search for an annexe or somewhere to for the offspring chill out perhaps.

Remember, our marketplace is full of fantastic options from the usual the quirky, start your search for a garden room here.


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