A Garden Room Can Increase Your Property’s Value by up to 10%

*Image is Green Retreats TG04

Did you know that installing a garden room could increase the value of your property by as much as 10 per cent? Which, means that as well as making your living space more practical for you, you could also get a return on your investment, should you ever decide to sell up.

Garden rooms go down well with potential buyers because they are a blank canvas, a room to use for whatever you desire. A kitchen, is a kitchen, a bathroom is a bathroom but a garden room, with a little imagination, can be anything you wish; a gym, office, game room, entertaining room, outdoor dining room, a bar, yoga studio, playroom, sound studio or much, much more. Your only limitation is imagination.


We have covered small business owners who have made their dreams come to life with a garden room or cabin, people have set up remote offices or even garden bars which have got them through Covid. Fitness instructors have taken to zoom from a garden room to keep their clients on track, bands can practice in garden rooms without disturbing the family and all while maintaining a healthy balance in their work/home life.

We take a look at 5 versatile garden rooms that could be your blank space below.


garden room

POD Garden Room by Winslade Landscapes

This gorgeous garden pod design by Winslade landscapes is incredibly versatile, a spare room in the garden for use as you please. The large glass doors provide ample light and the design makes an attractive addition to any garden. The POD comes with a 10-year product guarantee and 5-year installation warranty. This building is available for delivery throughout Hampshire, Surrey, London, Berkshire and surrounding areas.


summerhouse roomSummerhouse Room by Bentley Garden Buildings

A bespoke summerhouse room by Bentley garden Buildings is designed to your requirements, meaning it can be suited to your own taste, style and sizing requirements. Whether you need a tapered building to make the most of a small space, a door ramp to help with access or a partition wall to keep your gardening tools separate from your summerhouse, Bentley garden Buildings can accommodate.



tranquil garden roomTranquil by Garden Rooms Cabins

This is a room with a difference, it can actually be moved with you should you decide to move home as it’s completely transportable! Included in the price are exterior cladding, an overhanging flat roof, full electrics package, plaster boarded and even come decorated and finished with a choice of flooring. Delivery can be arranged anywhere in the UK.



claremontThe Claremont from The CDR Range by Outdoor Modular Spaces

The CDR Range is a popular range of garden buildings by Outdoor Modular Spaces. Designed with a beautiful Western Red Cedar cladding, Aluminium flashing, and a finished design that gives it that WOW factor. Finished internally with a flat ceiling and a canopy roof with spotlights and even recessed spotlights on the composite decking. There are many internal finishing options available, along with your choice of a single door, bi-fold doors or sliding doors making it a customisable and versatile solution to your extra space needs. This is available for delivery within the Home Counties.


Aspen garden roomThe Aspen by Under The Living Sun

The Aspen is our no-expense-spared, zero-maintenance garden room, complete with large LED-lit composite decking area surrounded by a toughened-glass balustrade. It boasts heaps of potential, from a high-end holiday-let to a home fitness studio to a garden office. The decking area surrounded by stunning toughened-glass balustrade comes complete not only with LED downlights but also a double external power socket. Available throughout England a Wales this is a great dual-purpose solution which is definitely eye-catching.

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Cabin Businesses – Three Vallee Transfers Share Their Story

We have been looking at people who utilise their garden room or cabins to run a business. These resourceful people have created their very own business in a home away from home so to speak.

John Simcock is one such business owner, who has been running his airport transfer company, Three Vallee Transfers Ltd from his cabin for the last seven years now. The cabin set up allows John to work remotely while maintaining some work-life balance by being away from the home during his working hours, although he does find that this setup does impinge on the home environment sometimes.

Three Vallee Transfers (3vt) have been offering airport transfers from Geneva, Lyon, Chambery and Grenoble Airports since December 2000. They specialise in the resorts of the 3 Vallées and offer ski transfers from Moutiers Salins Brides Les Bains, liaising with the TGV from Paris and elsewhere.


John spent £11,500 on his cabin which he says was great value in his opinion. The cabin was supplied with all of the necessary fixtures and fittings to get his business up and running, he just needed to hire an electrician to hook the power up to the living accommodation.

The coronavirus pandemic has hit Three Vallee Transfers Ltd hard as it has done everyone in the travel industry. John says:

“Nobody will commit to travelling to France from the UK.  It’ll have disastrous consequences for the travel industry if the quarantine restrictions stay in place for the winter”.


For John the fact he runs his cabin from a business will undoubtedly provide some solace, during these difficult times as he doesn’t have the overheads of a rented office to contend with on top of everything else.

The devastating effects of the COVID virus have been felt across numerous industries with businesses closing down and many people finding themselves without work and an income. The travel industry has been hit particularly hard with quarantine requirements for people travelling to certain countries.

The French government provided similar business assistance as the UK; Staff furloughed on 70% of their wage and € 1500 per month support from the government if income was only 50% for the same month in 2019.

John says “We’ve qualified for that since March, but it’s due to expire in November. In a nutshell, the UK winter ski market is as good as destroyed.  If the two-week quarantine isn’t lifted, then it’ll be the end of so many well-established companies such as ourselves”.

John’s company has been operating for 20 years now, the government has effectively shut down his and similar businesses, with very minimal support. This pandemic has had wide-reaching implications for so many, with no end in sight, and what looks like soon to be more restrictions it’s a worrying time for many business owners. So, if you’re thinking of visiting the three valleys or going on a skiing trip when this is all over, remember to check out 3VT.



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A Beauty Salon Cabin Offers a Treat For Customers Bodies & Minds

Our search to showcase the versatility of cabins for work, play and rest led us to Hannah Bath. Hannah has run her beauty business, Serenity beauty, from a cabin in her garden for the last two years now.

It’s been a difficult time for beauty businesses during the ongoing pandemic, but beautician Hannah, from St Neots, Cambridgeshire actually took the time to become a mental health first aider because her clients feel safe talking about their problems with her, meaning she can offer the best possible advice to them, making her service a cut above the competition. We asked Hannah some questions about her beauty business and learned that her customers actually prefer visiting her cabin as it’s more secluded and private.

What prompted you to take this route?

I have 2 children so being able to work around them was the key. I was working from a room inside the house previously but was desperate for a bit of separation to gain that all-important work-life balance. Thankfully things were going well with the business and I was able to have the cabin installed in the garden of our new home.

What do your clients think of your beauty salon cabin?

They love it! I actually looked at renting a premises on the local high street initially. A few clients voiced concerns over parking costs and being seen in public after having certain treatments such as lip waxes and the redness that follows, facials and spray tans. They love the fact that they can park on my driveway and pop into the back garden in their comfy clothes with no make-up without fear of bumping into someone they know. A beauty salon cabin was the ideal solution for everyone.

What services do you offer from your cabin?

I offer treatments such as eyebrow and eyelash services. Spray tans. Facials and massage. Manicure, pedicure and all waxing services too.

How do you promote your business?

I have built my business up mostly through my Facebook page and word of mouth. In the beginning, I did a couple of school fetes and gained a few clients that way, but word of mouth really is the best form of endorsement; people go where their friends feel comfortable.


How did COVID affect your business?

I was actually on maternity leave during a chunk of lockdown, so I felt as though the world had stopped with me. I kept in touch with my clients and gave them the option to be contacted when I was back to work and I’m very thankful to say that most of them have returned. It was hard at first when Boris had restrictions such as no facial treatments, but people were mostly just happy to be able to have any form of pampering done, and instead of their eyelash extensions people treated themselves to a pedicure or something else. They were just grateful to get out of the house for a treat.

How easy was it to install the necessary equipment?


It was surprisingly easy. I just had to gauge where I wanted things to be placed such as where I would need plug sockets for my equipment. I had the cabin purpose-built from scratch with foundations by a builder who is a family friend. It has 2 windows and a nice sturdy door. It’s insulated and plaster-boarded, in total it cost £5,000 for the cabin. I then decorated it myself and added flooring at around £200. I opted for vinyl flooring as it’s easy to clean and replace if needed. It took him around 3 weeks to complete the build, we were really lucky we had great weather at the time so he could just get on.


I have electricity running in there with its own fuse box it was connected from the house. They laid the cable under the patio slabs, there is no water out there currently. I have a downstairs cloakroom just inside the back door which my clients have always been able to use. Now with COVID I have asked them to only use it in emergency’s and everyone has been fine with this, no one has needed to use it so far.

How did COVID affect your business?

I think like everyone in the beauty industry I suffered from not being able to come back as soon as some other industries could, but on a personal level, it has certainly made me reflect on my business and think about how I operate and how I can maximise my clients’ experience and my earnings. I have also had the time to research some new treatments and become a mental health first aider as I find a lot of my clients like to talk to me about a wide range of subjects and I now feel like I’m in a better position to listen and offer the right advice to help them.

We have been inspired by Hannah’s resilience, she took the time to do a little market research with her clients and actually found that a cabin in her garden was a firm favourite as clients prefer to be somewhere quiet and secluded without the feeling of judgment post-treatment.

Follow Hannah on Instagram here or follow The Serenity Beauty Facebook page for all the latest updates on her beauty salon cabin.

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5 Benefits of an Annexe

*Image Bespoke Glamping Pod by Garden Room Design

Annexes are a popular choice on Rooms2u for many reasons, primarily they allow people to maintain independence. They are popular among families who would like to keep elderly relatives close by, while still maintaining freedom for both parties, as well as for young adults who perhaps cannot afford to move out due to high rental prices but crave to live independently.


Coming in a range of styles, sizes and shapes it’s easy to see why annexes are a popular choice. We take a look at some of the reasons you may want to get an annexe.


Getting on the Property Ladder

Sewerby Annexe

Getting onto the property ladder has become increasingly difficult over the last decade or so. Many young people find themselves priced out of the market. Staying at home is one way to reduce their overheads but the lack of independence can be off-putting for many. An annexe allows young adults to learn about being self-sufficient, have their own space and perhaps pay a lower rent to their relatives for an annexe over private rental properties and bills which haemorrhage their monthly paycheques, thus allowing them to save up for the deposit on their own property.


Keep Relatives Close With an Annexe

Cresta Annexe

Ageing takes its toll on us all, it can be a worrying time for people if their parents begin to get frail with age. Many wish to keep them close to help take care of them and ensure they are managing day-to-day, but perhaps still want independent living for themselves and their parents. An annexe allows for this. You can even get 1- or 2-bedroom annexes that are self-contained comes available for installation into a garden.


Earn Some Extra Income With an Annexe

Bespoke Tiny House

The governments rent a room scheme allows people to rent out a room in their home and earn a tax-free amount each year of £7,500. This amount would allow you to earn £625per month in rental income for a room. Renting a room in your home, however, can seem daunting and perhaps encroach on privacy and security especially if the lodger is a stranger. Renting an annexe out, however, can provide a self-contained unit for someone to rent, without the need to be inside your personal home.


Annexe Business Opportunities

Glamping Pod

Annexes are also a popular choice for glamping sites and those who operate air B&B businesses. Allowing guests to stay in annexes can prove a lucrative income stream for owners. The rise of glamping in recent years has made pods, domes and annexes a popular choice for people with some land looking to make some extra income.


Downsizing & The Environment

energy efficient annexe

Some people chose to live in an annexe simply for the mere fact that they no longer need a large home with all the associated overheads. Tiny Homes have become fashionable in recent years allowing people to live smaller, reduce their energy usage and overheads and even reduce their carbon footprint. Many annexes are the ideal candidate for solar panels to provide electricity and heat water for example. Living roofs are another way to keep heat in and help the carbon cycle. Some people choose to sell their homes, buy a small piece of land and install an annexe, lower overheads can mean a better quality of life with less work and more enjoyment.


As you can see above annexes have many plus points, if you would like to take a look at some of the annexes available, you can start your search here.

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