Garden Rooms Make Ideal Visitor Pods for Care Homes

Garden rooms are known for their versatility, lending themselves to a number of uses. The ongoing pandemic has called for innovative solutions to the problems posed by social distancing including working from home solutions.  These extra outdoor rooms have also provided space for care homes to create visitor pods.


During the initial lockdown which began in March, many care home residents were unable to see their loved ones, creating further feelings of isolation. The impact of this virus has been felt across the world and has taken its toll on mental as well as physical health.


Forward-thinking care homes realised that garden rooms and cabins could provide a solution to their resident’s isolation. Even when the first lockdown eased, the risks to the elderly and vulnerable did not. Because of this Visitor Pods became a new option allowing friends and family to visit while maintaining social distance.


Families were reunited in a private space that could be thoroughly cleaned after each visit to ensure it was Covid-Secure. Many garden room sellers provide a bespoke service which means that the buildings can be created to order with ramps, wider doorways for disabled access, additional doors for visitors and residents to enter and exit separately, and even the installation of partition screens.


While visitor pods may not be required forever, with hopes of an effective vaccine on the horizon. These garden rooms can be repurposed into useful space for arts, crafts, cooking, relaxation or more. The possibilities are endless. Maintenance-free solutions are ideal for the care home setting, easy to clean, and extremely durable composite garden rooms offer a germ-free solution.


nordic garden buildings visitor pod


Nordic Garden Buildings are one such seller who stepped up to create a solution. They say:

“When partition screens are no longer required for face-to-face interaction, they can simply be removed, and the garden building will become a new environment where residents can enjoy the mental and physical health benefits of sitting in the sun and being in the presence of nature.”

As pictured above their garden rooms provide a beautiful solution with an expanse of glass to drink in the views of the garden during visits. They can easily be repurposed afterwards to provide a warm, dry place to sit and enjoy the garden positively impacting the mental health of care home residents.


Another seller who has undertaken the task of creating care home pods are Composite Garden Buildings. Pictured below is the Durham care Home Pod, a visitor pod with disabled ramp access, separate entrance and exits for visitors and residents and a partition. Composite Garden Buildings make each building to order. Meaning every room and the design possibilities are endless. Their solutions are zero maintenance and fully insulated and can once again easily be repurposed once the need for visitor pods diminishes.

Durham Care Home pod

Containers and More are another seller who has taken on the task of creating dedicated care home visitor pods. Their solutions are constructed off-site, in a short time frame meaning there is minimal disruption to staff and residents.

Of course, these are just a tiny selection of sellers who can step up and create a solution. If you are a care home manager looking for a solution to visitation, then our marketplace is the ideal place to start your search. You can easily contact multiple sellers to submit customer enquiries and get the perfect room for your needs.

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Garden Room Cladding Explained

Garden rooms come in a range of styles, shapes and sizes, which is one of the reasons they are increasing in popularity. Their versatility allows them to be purposed for a multitude of uses while seamlessly blending with your garden and personal taste. With many garden room cladding options available, you may be confused. But don’t panic, we take a look at the options below.


Cedar Cladding

cedar garden room cladding

At present, Cedar cladding is probably the most popular choice for garden tooms. This is because it has a number of benefits and is attractive. Coming in a rich reddish-brown colour, Cedarwood has a long-life expectancy with its natural ability to fight off fungus. This gives it an average life-span of 25 years or more. It’s not entirely maintenance-free though unless you keep the wood oiled annually with a UV-oil, the colour will fade, losing the rich reddish tones. Pictured above is Cedar Garden Room by All Seasons Living.


Composite Wood Cladding

composite cladding

Composite wood is popular because it’s a low-maintenance option which comes in a range of colours and finishes. Made from a combination of wood fibre and resin, composite wood cladding can have a dye added during the manufacturing process. This means you can choose from a wide range of colour options. These boards don’t fade in the way wood does, which makes them popular as they don’t need painting, oiling or staining and come in a broader choice of colours such as popular greys, blacks or environment blending greens even! Pictured above is The Homestead by Aspen Garden Rooms, utilising coloured composite cladding.


Larch Cladding

The Onnen

Larch is a cheaper alternative to Cedar, which is helping it surge in popularity. Siberian Larch is one variant often used. It has a more golden colour than Cedar, but it will fade to a greyish tone if left untreated. Of course, you can opt to paint or stain the timber to suit your needs or taste. This timber is popular because it has a nice straight grain with fewer knots. Pictured above is The Onnen by MWD Makers which is made with Welsh Larch.


Thermowood Cladding

thermowood cladding

Thermowood has a long life-span of 30-years plus which is one reason for its popularity among garden room creators and owners. It’s a heat-treated pine, which is a softwood. When heated at over 200°c, the woods structure changes, which makes it more durable and stable. Of course, pine has a knottier grain than Siberian Larch which can be left on show, stained or even painted to suit the owner’s taste. Pictured above is a The Studio by RA Garden Rooms which utilises Thermowood cladding.


Combination Garden Room Cladding

garden room claddiing

Not all garden rooms are entirely constructed with one cladding option. Some creators use a mixture of cladding options to create a striking design. These can include a mix of wood and aluminium, timber and render, bricks, slate, high-pressure laminates and other metals. Pictured above is The California by Into The Garden Room which utilises a mix of construction materials.

There are some lesser-used options such as metal cladding and rendered garden rooms, so always look around and see which style best suits your tastes and requirements.

It’s important to understand the choices available to you when choosing your garden room so that you can find the right solution for you. Most garden rooms are relatively low maintenance, but some woods will require upkeep if you want to keep them looking like new.


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Shed Quarters – The New Normal?

Already halfway through our second national lockdown, it’s clear that home working is here for the foreseeable future. Some businesses may permanently offer staff the option to work from home now that the benefits and savings have been realised.

Research by insurer Direct Line has found that a million people have invested in a shoffice, and another 1.1 million plans to do so in the next year.

Since the first lockdown, many creators of garden rooms, cabins and high-end sheds have found their order books filling fast as people realise the potential of some extra space in the garden.

These buildings dubbed ‘shoffices’ or ‘shed quarters’ are likely to be in demand indefinitely. Below, we take a look at some of the key considerations and frequently asked questions of those looking to invest in a garden office.

Do I need planning permission to build a garden office?

In the majority of cases, no planning permission is required to install an office in your garden. Outbuildings can be built under permitted development rights. Providing it’s single-story, does not exceed 2.5 metres in height and is not intended to be lived.  There are exceptions, so always do your research first. You can find out more about this here.

Will my garden office be covered by home insurance?

Of course, being away from the central living accommodation, you will worry about leaving expensive IT equipment in an outbuilding. The good news is, the majority of home insurance policies will cover outbuildings both in terms of buildings and contents. Of course, you should always advise your insurance company of the value of the contents in the outbuilding to be on the safe side, and check that you will be covered.

Does the cost include utility connection?

Most people will require electricity and an internet connection to be able to work from their garden office. Some companies offer a complete solution which includes electricity connection and internet connectivity. The majority, however, do not so this will be an additional consideration.

Options to keep the cost down could be a WiFi booster to boost the strength of the WiFi to your outbuilding. Alternatively, an armoured electricity cable and ethernet cable can be run from the home along a fence, for example.


Can I have a bathroom installed in my shoffice?

Many garden room creators offer a bespoke service. This means you could potentially opt to add a bathroom or running water to your outbuilding. This will incur additional costs and require the services of a plumber, so in most instances, people choose to use the facilities in their home.

What’s the average cost of shed quarters?

The price can vary greatly, depending on your requirements. For comfort, we would recommend ensuring your garden room is fully insulated and weatherproof. So, while you could potentially pick up a shed for sub £1,000 – it won’t supply the comfort necessary to work in year-round.

As a minimum, you should expect to pay around £2,500 for a small office space. There are numerous options that vary in size and features. Some garden rooms provide dual-use such as office and storage; others are compact and offer a small area to work. You can start by considering your needs and requirements. Our suggestion wizard can help you find solutions. Try it out here.

If you’re looking for something small the Lugarde Napoleon Garden Home Office. This is a minimal space, purely dedicated for working. For those that require a little extra space, a mid-range garden office will set you back just over £7,000 like this Modular Garden Room by Urban Décor. For anyone looking for the complete solution. £10,000 will get you an eDen Hub which is ready to go with electrical sockets and an internet connection point.

For those that prefer something bespoke, eye-catching and unique the Anthropod GO! Or the Archipod are beautiful solutions.

There is something for everyone, with such a large range of options and sizes available. You can even. choose from different cladding options to blend into your garden with ease. You can browse a vast range of shed quarters here.


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Embrace Hygge in Your Garden This Autumn

The clocks went back merely two weeks ago, and with it came a sharp, crisp air to accompany those dark early evenings. This is the time of year that people spend more time indoors, which is apt considering we have been asked to stay home for a four-week lockdown to protect the NHS.

Autumn doesn’t have to be mean being stuck indoors though. If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, then it can quickly become the season of fireside conversations or cabin cuddles.

Hygge, a Danish ethos, pronounced hoo-ga is all about cosiness and intimacy, which is why autumn and winter are the perfect seasons to practice Hygge. Blankets, candles, bubble baths and a connection with nature are fitting, but it’s also about finder deeper meaning in life and connecting with the world again.

How to Hygge – 10 tips

  • Spend time with friends & family
  • Sit around a roaring fire
  • Sit in candlelight
  • Bring the outside in with natural accents in your interior
  • Enjoy nature
  • Drink warming hot drinks
  • Be cosy
  • Take care of your mental health
  • Reduce your screen time
  • Don’t go without – enjoy life

The garden is the perfect place to reconnect with nature, spend time with your family and enjoy the beauty of life beside a firepit to keep you warm. Should the weather take a turn for the worse a cabin or garden room can shelter you to continue enjoying some time away from the house.


Hygge Essentials

Of course, the essentials will depend on the things that make you feel good and your own personal preference, but here are some of our suggestions. Check out our How to Hygge Pinterest board here.

  • Hot chocolate
  • Marshmallows to roast on an open fire
  • Candles
  • Warm, fluffy blankets for all
  • Cosy jumpers
  • Your favourite music
  • Some games like cards or Jenga

Perfect Hygge Hideaways

We’ve taken a look through the listings on our site and come up with five perfect hygge hideaways for you to take a look at.



hygge treehouse

Large Bespoke Treehouse by Castles Carey

What could be more fun than a treehouse? Each treehouse is designed to suit your specific requirements. Castles Carey will give advice on planning applications if needed. Engaging accessories and strong and natural materials ensure long-lasting enjoyment of your treehouse.

Hygge BBQ hut

10 Seater BBQ Hut by Living Outside Ltd

Have a BBQ, whatever the weather, at any time of year with a BBQ Hut. Book those BBQ Hut party weeks, even months in advance and tell your guests they definitely won’t need a coat!

The benches in these BBQ huts also convert into generously sized beds, so the BBQ Hut can be used both during the day for entertainment and at night for guest accommodation or sleep-overs!

Garden Rooms

Bespoke Garden Room by Garden Room Cabins

This Garden Room & Bar is the perfect place to enjoy autumn evenings. Whatever your needs, Garden Room Cabins buildings can be designed to fit your requirements. All designs have a steel frame and base, which means they are fully portable if you decide to relocate.


Shepherds hut

Bespoke Shepherds Hut by Greendown Shepherd Huts

Greendown Shepherd Huts offer a bespoke service that allows you to design a luxury hut to your specific requirements with all of the features necessary to create your ideal home on wheels, without having to make any compromises on either design or quality. They’ll design, build and deliver a tailor-made hut that follows your exact specifications, all the while devoting ourselves to presenting you with a finished product that you’ll fall in love with.

Tripod octo garden room

Tripod Octo by Woodworks Designs

Each Tripod Octo is an original, bespoke design built to your personal aspirations. Tailor-made to fit exactly into the space you have chosen for your room, just tell designer Barry what you want and where it needs to fit. Great design requires attention to every little detail. Many of Barry’s designs are based upon geometric shapes to create fascinating whilst functional spaces with proportions that sit well in their natural surroundings. These are available within a 30-mile radius of Canterbury Kent, although you can contact them for deliveries further afield.


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Manage Lockdown2 Like a Boss with a Shoffice

*Pictured above is the Lugarde Napoleon Garden Home Office by Cotswold Garden Spaces from £2,699

With plans for a new nationwide lockdown announced at the weekend, the population is once again having to consider working from home.

This lockdown is different from the one back in March, with less stringent regulations. The key differences are that education settings such as schools and universities may remain open and people who cannot work from home may still go to work unless they work in non-essential shops that cannot offer a click and collect service.

The news has been welcomed with mixed reactions, but the message is clear – We must protect our NHS.

So, Can You Work Effectively From Home?

Many people discovered during the last lockdown that there are perks to working from home. There’s no commute time, you saved money on travel and lunch, coffees, etc and you can wear what you want!

Of, course there were some downsides, many weren’t equipped – Argos sold out of many desk designs back in March and the kids were also at home, so parents had more distractions than they would at work.

So, What’s the Key to Home Working Success?

  • Quiet
  • Comfortable
  • Warm
  • Connectivity

During the last lockdown, many people found themselves working in cramped and uncomfortable makeshift conditions. Productivity can be greatly reduced by poor posture, background noise, and discomfort.

You needn’t despair though. We have a solution that caters to all of the above points creating the perfect home office.

Garden offices or Shoffice’s (shed/office), have become increasingly popular since the first lockdown. Many people realised the potential of having a dedicated working space.

How Can a Shoffice Help Me Work More Productively?

Having a dedicated working space can greatly increase productivity and keep you focused on the task at hand. Somewhere quiet and away from distractions, as well as any embarrassing background noises that could interrupt phone calls or zoom meetings is the key. (If you need a laugh you can view some hilarious zoom fails here).

Being away from the main living accommodation, a garden office is the perfect solution.

Comfort Catered For

Garden Rooms make a perfect shoffice because they are versatile and come in a range of sizes. From the compact single person office space to large multi-room, multi-function spaces. Whatever your needs, there is a range of sellers ready to create off-the-shelf, or bespoke garden buildings to fit your exact requirements.

With double glazing, insulation, electrics, and even heating or running water if required, these rooms have everything you need to comfortably work throughout lockdown and beyond.

Need Some Shoffice Inspiration?

We have selected some popular shoffice choices below, but you can start your own search for the perfect home office here.

Nordic GB Shoffice

Broadway by Nordic Garden Buildings from £13,395

The Broadway has a flat roof to maximise the space within the building. Constructed with modern materials Nordic Garden Buildings have created a durable space that is ideal for home working. The Broadway is a maintenance-free, insulated building that can be used comfortably all year round without the inconvenience of annual painting or staining. It also has the added benefit of high security locking on all the doors and windows, you can rest assured that your property within the building will be safe and sound.

Serenity Self-Build Office

Serenity Garden Room – Self-Build Kit by Serenity Garden Rooms from £10,346

Save money with a ‘Serenity Self-Build’ garden room. If you’re a little handy you can build your own stylish, fully insulated, all year round, Serenity Garden Room. Supplied with a step by step tutorial, full support and detailed video guides to help ensure a high quality, professional finish for your new space.
This garden building lends itself well to a home office set-up and looks great thanks to top-quality timber C24 which Serenity garden Buildings import from Sweden. Serenity uses timber only from a range of planed-all-round carcassing, providing a reliable and consistent high-quality finish.
Scotts of Trapston Summerhouse shoffice

The Newhaven Corner Summerhouse by Scotts of Thrapston from £6,730

For smaller or odd-shaped gardens, corner buildings work really well. The Newhaven has been cleverly designed to make the most of a corner setting and to fit snugly into a confined location. It is supplied with lockable doors and casement windows with laminated glass. The doors and windows are all fitted with brass ironmongery, as standard. The Newhaven opens up to create a spacious and airy summerhouse offering the ideal view across the whole garden, which is great for those working from home.

Dryspace Modular Office

Dryspace Spaces – Small by Dryspace Structures from £14,394

Dryspace Spaces offer a fully configurable and modular semi-permanent maintenance-free space. Each space comes with a 10-year structural warranty to provide customers with peace of mind. Fabricated using carefully sourced and tested materials, a Dryspace Space has a projected life expectancy of more than 35 years. Insulated panels, ensure that these structures can provide the perfect year-round space to work, rest or play.


POD Garden Room by Winslade Landscapes from £11,160

The POD Garden Room is ideal for use as a shoffice, It comes with a 10-year product guarantee and a 5-year installation warranty. An attractive unit with plenty of natural light and space to work. This garden building looks great while offering that all-important extra space to work, rest, or play.

Winslade Landscapes cover Hampshire, Surrey, London, Berkshire, and other surrounding areas









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