Top 6 Uses for a Garden Room in the Warmer Months

*Featured Image is The Moonlight by Into The Garden Room

Garden rooms are so versatile and can be utilised in a variety of ways all year round. While some people invest in a garden room for a specific purpose, such as a home office, personal gym or extra bedroom, creating a multi-functional space can also be a great way to go. Maximising the utility of your garden room ensures a great return on investment, while the whole family benefits. Now that spring has arrived, it’s time to explore some of the many great uses for a garden room in the warmer months. Here’s our top 6…


Why not create a bar area in your garden room for hosting parties with a wow factor. The summer months are ideal for social gatherings in the garden. Your garden room provides shade when needed and shelter should it rain, so you can carry on partying outside no matter the weather. Adding indoor and outdoor seating on decking areas will encourage people to mingle or provide quieter spaces for cosy chats. A garden room allows you to keep your parties strictly to the garden area. This means you can go indoors at the end and forget about the mess until the next day. You can even get toilet facilities installed so your guests have no reason to go in the house. Why not add a garden bar inside the garden room and enjoy everything your garden has to offer this spring/summer?

Alfresco dining

Garden rooms are made for alfresco dining. Who doesn’t love making the most of the warm weather by moving meal times outside? You can even get a kitchenette installed in your garden room so you can prepare all the food there. Decking areas provide the ideal place to dine while indoor seating, with the doors left open, can help to combat the issue of pesky bugs and wasps. Creating a fully equipped BBQ area on the external aspect of your garden room will ensure the chef feels looked after.

Entertaining the kids

A garden room is ideal for use as a play area for children. You can ensure your kids are kept out of the sun during the hottest part of the day, while you supervise from your sun lounger. Kids love garden rooms because it feels like their own little den, where they can wander in and out as they please. Parents can relax in the knowledge that the kids have a safe area to play. Opting for glass doors on the front will ensure you don’t miss a trick.

Date night

Garden rooms are perfect for date night because they provide a change of scenery without leaving your home. You can design yours to perfectly facilitate cosy summer evenings. Add a touch of luxury with a structure that provides space for a hot tub. Create ambience with lighting and stock up a fridge with champagne. Garden rooms can provide it all – space for dinner, movies, cuddles, and more! What better way to keep your relationship alive?

Me time

There is no better place to get away from it all than the comfort of your own garden. With a garden room, you can design the space perfectly to meet your needs. Get away from the family for a while in your very own retreat where you are just a few steps away if they need you. The possibilities are endless, you can create a hobby room, gym, home spa, personal bar, living space, art studio and so much more. Consider creating a multifunctional space that meets everyone’s needs so it can be used at different times by the whole family.

Guest room

With a specially designed garden structure, you can have a fully equipped living space to accommodate friends and family in the summer months. The great thing about this is that you can enjoy all the perks of spending the holidays with your loved ones, without stepping on each other’s toes and losing your sanity. We all need time alone and a residential annex structure provides the solution to this. Your garden living space will not only impress your guests but also save them a fortune on hotel bills. Garden rooms designed for living purposes can be fully self-sufficient with the option for sleeping space, kitchen areas, living space, and bathroom facilities.


uses for a garden room

Check out this garden room that has it all…

This Lugarde Sutton Summerhouse ticks all the boxes on our list. It has ample space for relaxing out of the sun, cooking, dining, and socialising. You can have it all with this structure – host parties, cosy up for date nights in the hot tub, family feasts, and some well-deserved me-time. Princes start from £13,587 which is a steal for a structure of this size and potential.

While you would need a larger garden for this one, there are many more options available to suit all gardens and budgets. Find your perfect garden room here. With Spring well underway, now is a great time to make your enquiries to avoid missing out this summer as order books fill up fast this time of year.

As you can see, there are many uses for a garden room, they’re extremely versatile and multi-functional. With many rooms to explore on our marketplace, you can find the perfect room for your additional space needs. Start your search for somewhere to entertain this summer here.

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Garden Office – Business Expenses and Tax


A garden office is the ideal solution for those running a business from home. Garden structures are separate from the main property and, therefore, provide a quieter, more professional space that allows you to effectively separate work from home life. While there are many advantages to be had with a garden office, it is important to consider the financial implications before installation. In this post, we will explore the business expenses and tax implications of running a business from a garden office.



Whether you are a sole trader or running a limited company, you need to consider whether you are using your garden office solely for business purposes or not. Generally speaking, you can claim the VAT back for the cost of the structure if you are VAT registered. However, if you use your garden office for personal use some of the time, you can only claim the relevant percentage of VAT.

Example: You use your garden office for business purposes Monday to Friday. On weekends, your family uses the space for purposes such as relaxing, entertainment, exercising etc. You would, therefore, be using the garden office for business purposes roughly 70% of the time and could, therefore, only claim 70% of the VAT.

Initial construction or installation


The cost of constructing or installing a garden office is not tax-deductible from your business profits. This applies also to any costs associated with the installation, such as delivery charges and initial decoration.

It does not matter whether you construct the garden office yourself or purchase a ready-made structure from a company. Even though a garden room is technically a moveable structure, it counts as premises from which you run your business and not an item of business equipment.

Equipment, furniture and fixings


The good news is that any items you purchase for the structure, such as furniture, storage, IT equipment etc., do count as business expenses and are, therefore, tax-deductible. This counts also for thermal insulation and electrical works. Although the initial decoration of your structure is not tax-deductible, you can deduct the expenses of redecoration when this becomes necessary.  Ensure you receive itemised bills for any such work as you will need these to evidence your expenses.



When it comes to utilities, you may deduct the costs in full only if your garden office has a separate meter. Otherwise, you can deduct a percentage based on your use of the room for business purposes. One way of estimating this is by dividing the total cost of utilities by the number of rooms in your property, including the garden office. You would then pay the amount for the garden office only.

This counts for all utilities, including heating, electricity and water. Presumably, you would have a dedicated phone line for your business which would be entirely tax-deductible. However, if this is not the case, and you are using your personal landline or mobile for business purposes also, the percentage rule will apply.

Example: Your property has five rooms, including the garden office. You would then claim 20% of the cost of utilities as a business expense. Keep in mind, however, that this gets complicated if you are also using the space for personal use.

What if I use my garden office as a guest room?


If your garden office is in your company name and you use it as a one-off for a guest room, you do not need to worry. However, if there are people regularly sleeping in the room, then this would count as personal use and, therefore, affect your accounts in terms of tax and expenses.

If you are a sole trader, this is more relevant. You will need to demonstrate that your garden office is solely for business use in order to benefit from maximum tax deductions.

Do I need to pay capital gains tax if I sell my home?


If your garden office is a company asset, then technically, capital gains tax could be applicable if you sell your home. However, in reality, this is very unlikely to be an issue. This is because, although a garden room can increase the value of your property, its value in isolation will decrease over time. There is, therefore, no profit or gain to be had from it when selling your property. If there was any gain, it is likely to be exempt from capital gains tax.

Do I need to pay business rates on a garden office?


Business rates and associated reliefs vary between local authorities. It is, therefore, advisable that you check with your local authority to find out where you stand regarding business rates for your garden office.

It is possible that garden offices will attract business rates. However, there are reliefs available for small businesses as well as those located in designated economic areas and rural locations. Check with your local authority to see if you qualify.

Although there are some considerations to be made regarding the financial implications of running a business from a garden office, there are many advantages to be had. You will no longer need to commute to work which will save time and money. For those already working from home, it is much easier to separate home and work life when you have a separate building for work. It also presents a much more professional image to clients and business prospects.

If you are ready to take the plunge and invest in a shoffice, then you can start your search for a garden office here.

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Do I Need Planning Permission for a Granny Annexe?

Whether housing your grown child as they save to buy their own home or perhaps giving an elderly relative a place to maintain their independence whilst getting more support, an annexe can be a great addition to your home.

Certainly, one of the most asked questions when building an annexe is probably whether or not you will need planning permission. Before you grab all the equipment and don your safety helmet, we look at some things to consider when constructing your annexe.

What is an Annexe?

An annexe is a self-contained unit, sometimes referred to as a granny flat. Situated on the same plot as the existing property, the annexe is used as part of the same house.

An annexe can be built as an extension to the existing property or as a stand-alone building. The most important thing to appreciate is that an annexe is not a separate dwelling. An annexe is not intended to be rented out for example.

Do I Need Planning Permission?

The quick answer is yes. Whilst garden rooms can often be exempt from planning permission requirements, an annexe, because it is used as a dwelling or living space, will require planning permission or a Certificate of Lawfulness from your Local Planning `Authority (LPA).

The LPA will make consideration regarding the impact your proposed annexe will have on your neighbours. They will also consider the surrounding land and including how the structure would look.

How long does Planning Permission usually take?

The great news here is that all Local Planning Authorities sing from essentially the same song sheet. This means that once you have finalised the annexe’s proposed design and submit that precious planning permission application, you can expect to wait no longer than approximately 8 weeks for a decision. If you do decide to use a company to submit all the paperwork, they will stay in close contact with the LPA and keep you informed along the way.

Can You Use the Caravan Act to Build the Annexe?

You may be familiar with The Caravan Act as another way to build your annexe and avoid the lengthier process of requesting planning permission, but the truth is it is not as easy as that. The Caravan Sites Act 1968 does allow for the construction of certain types of buildings without using planning permission; however, there are quite strict guidelines to follow.

A rough outline of the major criteria in regards to the Caravan Act are:

  • Maximum dimensions
    • 65.6’L x 22.3’W x 10’H
  • Must be a structure rather than a building
  • Must be fit for human dwelling
  • Must be able to be moved from one place to another

The below image is The Nest by Add a Home who specialise in movable solutions, which means that should you move the building can be moved. Because it is a movable solution, it may fall under the caravan act.

modular annexeSo, whilst the Act can be used to support the build of your granny annexe, we would always recommend applying for planning permission or a Certificate of Lawfulness rather than ploughing money into a project you later find out isn’t lawful.

We hope this has been informative and helped you to understand the requirements for your very own granny annexe; you can start a search for your very own annexe here.

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You Can Save Money With a Self-Build Garden Room

For those that are pretty handy, or perhaps a have-a-go-hero, the self-build garden room can save you a pretty penny. By removing installation costs, you can get the garden room of your dream for much less.

With demand outstripping companies’ ability to provide installation of the latest must-have home accessory, some canny creators have actually created garden room kits. These come with instructions, support and video tutorials explaining how to assemble the building.

All of this means that self-assembly doesn’t have to look like a garden shed. For the motivated among us, it could be a much larger, insulated garden room fit to be used as a home office, playroom, mancave, hideaway, garden bar, garden gym and more.

Whether you opt for a kit that can be adapted or choose to create a bespoke garden room from scratch, there’s plenty of help and advice out there from people who have tackled the task themselves.

I reached out to a community of garden room self-builders on Facebook; you can join here. They gave me some top tips to share with budding builders of garden rooms.

  • Decide what the space will be used for and what style, size you would like.
  • Find out whether planning permission is required or if the build falls under permitted development rights first.
  • Do your research before you begin. YouTube & Facebook Groups can be a great resource.
  • Ensure you have an excellent solid foundation/base for the room.
  • Write a list of needs and wants; there are many options of windows, doors, cladding and more that cost different amounts. This will help you budget.
  • Always plan your build first and budget. Leave some wiggle room in your budget, as rarely does any project come in on budget.
  • Measure thrice, cut once.
  • Drawing plans can help immensely.
  • Don’t set timescales; there will usually be delays, be it the weather, materials or your schedule.
  • Enjoy the process.

As with all garden buildings, there are different options out there, ranging from souped-up sheds to summerhouses and full garden rooms. Deciding which option you want to tackle in advance will help you find the right advice out there to complete the build.

There are some sellers on our marketplace that provide self-build garden room kits, which come with tutorial videos to help you complete them. We have listed some examples falling under the different categories below.


corner cabin Bradwell Corner 28mm Log Cabin by 1 Click Log Cabins from £2,399 

The Bradwell corner 28mm log cabin is a beautiful light cabin with an open space to relax. It fits neatly into a corner of any aspiring garden – Helping you make the best of the space available. The Bradwell corner also offers ample interior height, which helps to keep the cabin lit throughout those summer days. There’s also a bespoke option, which allows you to request different fittings such as windows and doors for the cabin.






solis self assembly garden roomThe Solis – Self-Assembly by Under the Sun Living from £4,995

Under the Sun Living’s self-build, studios are roughly half the price of their fully-assembled studios and are still built to the exact same high spec. If you are happy to put in a few days work or know a local contractor who will take care of the studio assembly, these are a great option. You simply need to let them know the exact dimensions you require along with any optional extras such as under-floor heating, double-doors, composite cladding, etc. A quote will be provided, along with an elevated mockup.



self assembly summer houseDominica by Vision Garden Rooms from £7,199


The Dominica is light and airy, with two sets of patio doors (front and left). It has plenty of space, making it ideal for an office, gym, playroom and more. It comes with double glazed windows and doors. Included is an easy-to-follow installation manual. It’s expected to take professionals two days to assemble and 5-6 days for novice DIY-ers. Installation needs to be performed by two people due to the weight and size of the components.


canopy serenity self build5m x 3m Canopy Garden Room (Self-Build) by Serenity Garden Rooms from £10,472

Save money with ‘Serenity Self-Build’. You can build your own stylish, fully insulated, all year round, Serenity Garden Room. There’s a full step by step tutorial, full support and detailed video guides to help ensure a high quality, professional finish for your new space at a really great price. Serenity uses timber only from a range of planed-all-round carcassing, providing a reliable and consistent high-quality supply of imported Swedish timber.



self build garden room Lugarde SystemLugarde Applebroog Summer House by Cotswold garden Spaces from £9,691


The Lugarde Applebroog summer house is a handsome, contemporary space that draws upon industrial elements through the glass panels and the vertical Siberian larch boards to provide a clean and relaxed room to relax and entertain. The enclosed space is accessed through a ‘secret door on the front and has long glass panels on the left and right-hand sidewalls to provide natural light. The Siberian larch can remain untreated for 15-20 years; however, it can be enhanced with oils, stains and solid finishes. The building comes in pre-made panels for quick and easy installation and low maintenance.


We all know the benefits of a garden room and the extra space it can provide, whether you opt for installation or decide to tackle the project yourself. You can take a look at the full list of self-build garden rooms on our marketplace here.

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The She-Shed – 5 Garden Getaways

In celebration of International Women’s Day next week, we’ve decided to take a look at the She Shed. Like its partner, the Mancave, the She-Shed provides a place of escape. Women, just like men, need some space to enjoy the things they love, too, after all.

Just like mancave’s the She-Shed can be used in many ways, a cosy potting shed, quiet garden getaway, craft or hobby room or perhaps you fancy you’re very own tool shed? Here at Rooms2u, we love how versatile garden buildings are. They allow their owners to create a room for whatever they desire, putting a smile on their faces.

So, since this week we are celebrating women, we have put together five She-Shed suggestions for you to take a look at, but if none of them takes your fancy, you can start your own search right here.

potting she-shedPotting She-Shed

If you enjoy gardening, then a potting shed is a fantastic addition to the garden. It is perfect for our unpredictable British weather, with space for a chair to enjoy your favourite cuppa and a bench to pot plants, doubling up as storage for your gardening tools. We’ve chosen The Shelter by Yr Pod for our example as It has a charming, cosy appeal to it.



garden getawayGarden Getaway

If you’re after somewhere peaceful to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life, then a summerhouse she shed like The Baltimore pictured here by Scotts of Thrapston. The charming octagonal shape of this summerhouse makes it a focal point of the garden. With plenty of natural light, opening doors and windows to enjoy the summer breeze, it also shelters you in colder weather. Comfy seating around the edge of the building makes this the perfect place to relax with a book, podcast or just in peace, taking in the view.


Writer’s Retreat

If you enjoy writing and would like to escape to somewhere peaceful to get your head down, then you can’t go wrong with something like this. The Morgan Garden Studio makes the ideal writer’s retreat. Built with structurally insulated panels for the walls, floor, and roof and double glazed UPVC windows and doors, the Morgan Garden Studio is warm and secure all year round. The rustic design blends well with nature and compliments both contemporary and period properties well.


Tool Shed

If you enjoy DIY, mechanics or creating things, then a tool shed could be the perfect escape to blow off steam and enjoy yourself. This shed workshop was created by RA Garden Rooms. They cover East and West Sussex and can create bespoke workshops such as this. Don’t worry if you’re outside of the area; there are plenty of alternatives over on our website for you to choose from. A workshop created just for you means everything has its place, and the space can work for you.


craft cabin Crafting Cabin

If you’ve been bitten by the crafting bug, then you may want a safe space to create to your heart’s content. Whether it’s just for fun or to earn an income, crafting can be very therapeutic, if not a little messy. The Montrose by Vision Garden Rooms has dual space, so you can have your craft room and still have space next door for whatever you fancy. So, whether it’s a ‘his & hers’ den or craft room/play space for the kids, the opportunities are ample with a space like this. Costs can be kept down if you can install the building yourself, but there’s an installation option available also.


We hope you’ve enjoyed our selection of she-shed’s, but as we mentioned at the beginning, these spaces are just the tip of the iceberg. You can find or commission your perfect space here.

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