Personalise Your Garden Studio To Make The Most Of This Summer

It would appear the weather is finally starting to warm up; summer is definitely coming! What better time to make the most of your garden? Many people are keen to create a warm and inviting oasis in their garden this time of year. If you’re looking for new ways to extend your living space into the great outdoors, then look no further!

A garden room is such a versatile addition to your space. If you’re searching for some additional ways to spice up this summer, consider adding some facilities that will make the season memorable. For example, set up a bar from which guests can enjoy cold drinks or create a shaded and relaxing area where people may sit back and watch their surroundings. A garden room provides many options so take advantage of them all!


You can also think about adding extras to your garden room to make it even more inviting and multifunctional in these upcoming summer months. A decked area with an outdoor kitchen and BBQ means you’ve got a great place from which to grill, or perhaps you would prefer to use it as a lovely raised area for seating and sunbathing?

Decking can help create a smooth flow and transition from your garden room into the actual landscaped space. Decking can be a beautiful addition to any good garden studio space offering a calm and tranquil place to enjoy a morning coffee on what feels like your own private terrace.

Where to Position Your Garden Studio?

Your garden is your space to enjoy and relax in. Make the most out of it by investing wisely, which means positioning a studio right where you want one for maximum enjoyment!

The placement of your garden studio is an important consideration and can help you make the most of your garden space. Positioning a studio in the middle may seem counterintuitive, but it could be helpful if you’re trying to divide up different zones- especially when gardens are extensive!

The end of the garden is often the most popular choice for our customers. This makes good use of a smaller space and provides an oasis from everyday life that’s tranquil but not too close to your living quarters. You should also consider what direction your studio faces to maximise all its potential benefits! A south-facing garden would be perfect if you want some sunbathing as well as natural light – it might get hot during summertime, though! On the other hand, north-facing gardens will probably have problems with being too dark at certain times of the day.

You could also consider adding blinds to your garden room or perhaps an outdoor canopy, both of which could help to reduce heat in the summer and provide additional shade.

External Style

The type of cladding you choose for the outside of your garden studio can have an impact on how well it sits in your garden and how it works visually within its surroundings. partners have a great range of styles to suit various garden spaces that will allow you to design the perfect room according to what best fits each particular area. There are huge ranges of cladding styles from organic to man-made.

Render is another option. It’s an easy to maintain coating that comes in a great range of colours. This versatility can be perfect for creating sleek, minimal designs that might work better in more urban environments


Even the most diminutive garden building can benefit from landscaping that will help enhance how they work within the surroundings. Creating a path or patio around your property to connect you and your guests directly back into nature is great for creating an attractive, inviting space and adds practicality in terms of safety by providing better access to other parts of the grounds.




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Get Your Garden Room to Pay For Itself


There are many reasons we might of when we consider getting a garden room. These probably include creating a space to chuck the kids and their never-ending toys or perhaps the luxury of a home cinema or gym. A garden room is a brilliant way to create additional usable indoor space without upsizing your existing home. A garden room will increase the value of your property and your life. This outdoor yet indoor space doesn’t have to be solely used to socialise with friends. You may not have considered this, but a garden room can actually help your family generate additional income!


Many people have begun to turn their spare bedrooms into a rentable AirBnB space, or even renting out their entire home during periods of their absence but had you considered using that garden room as a way to generate an income?


When used as a residence, a garden room may well require planning permission and, of course, consideration of plumbing and electricity; however, the ability to then rent that space out as living space can become a great source of revenue. The government’s Rent a Room Scheme allows for you to earn up to £7,500 of tax-free income from letting out a furnished space in your home. This government allowance equates to over £600 per month in rental income for this space. The fact that it doesn’t need to encroach on your family living is a benefit. The sense of privacy and security of letting an annexe for both parties is increased at the same time as your bank balance!


Another great idea is converting your hobby into a money-making enterprise. Do you love crafting? What about turning your garden space into an undisturbed craft area and selling the items either from the garden room or at a local craft fair. Having a safe space to put everything in where they can’t be accidentally knocked over is indeed a godsend.


Do you currently rent a space in a salon to do hairdressing, facials or perhaps nails? Whilst it might seem like a significant change and investment, running a business such as this from your garden room can give you not only an increased level of flexibility but also an increased amount of money in your pocket. Once you have put in the work to develop a regular clientele, you can reap the benefit by not paying for the chair or couch in the salon; and if you have enough space, perhaps you could have an extra chair in your garden salon to rent out to another beautician!


Did you pick up a passion for yoga or get trained to deliver Les Mills? Are you at work all day and the garden room is left empty? Why not use your garden room as a gym/studio space you can rent out to fitness professionals to run their classes? If you are a fitness instructor yourself, have you considered using a garden room to teach your trade rather than running the class from a local gym or fitness centre? Being able to set your own prices rather than those agreed by the gym and then pocket the total fees paid is a brilliant way to consider increasing your revenue.


Whether you want to create an Airbnb space, teach pottery classes or practice Pilates there is no denying the potential to use a garden room to create more income. Our vendors have a wide variety of garden rooms and potential studio spaces – check them out here.

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Timber Prices Rising

As the world finally appears to be reopening, the UK embarks on a journey of economic recovery following the setbacks of Covid-19. Many industries are looking forward to finally seeing profits, not least of which the construction and home-building industries will benefit from increased work and activity levels.

Recent data from Wood Resources International has recently produced data that shows that US imports of overseas softwood lumber rose almost 40% during the first ten months of 2020, compared to the same period in 2019.

A significant amount of those imports came from Europe. The number of shipments increased by more than 50% increase in timber shipments from markets through Europe, including Germany and Sweden, to the US last year.

Crucially, many of these European markets are also significant suppliers of timber to the UK. The country imports around 80% of its annual demand for wood products from abroad and is reliant on a number of key trading partners in Europe that provide enough supply with good quality woods at competitive prices like Belgium, Ireland, France, and Germany

Research performed by Wood Resources International suggests that the US’s dependence on overseas lumber looks likely to be sustained over the coming year. It also foresees that a growing portion of this demand will be met by European suppliers in the very near future and beyond.

An increasing amount of timber made in Europe is likely to be shipped away from the UK. This is in part due to regulations surrounding a reduction in the “annual allowable cut.” This decrease in volume of production amounts to a drop of more than 33% in five years.

This causes a knock-on effect on the price of timber, which is set to rise again over the next two quarters. This will cause an increase in price for construction projects, such as garden room utilising timber.

“Since June last year, we have endured monthly increases amounting to a 100% increase in 12 months. Thanks to Brexit, Covid the US/China House Building Markets, we face the most significant raw material price increase crisis we have ever experienced.”

It’s like the perfect storm, with many factors coming together, resulting in substantial price increases. While it may be frustrating for those in construction and their customers, this increase in demand has created an extraordinary opportunity for domestic timber producers. These local suppliers are afforded the chance to fill the hole in the market while also increasing their prices! Especially as UK demand is also rising in line with the ending of lockdown and increased work with domestic and commercial customers.

The Sitka spruce, which grows widely across the UK, typically has quite a long harvesting window of about 15 years. This extended space of time gives owners more wiggle room and allows for their harvest to be timed so they can charge a top premium based on the conditions of the market at the time.

Financial investors are anticipating an average yearly increase in worldwide timber use of 3.1%. This figure is compared to an average of 1.1% per annum for the last 20 years.

This increase is led by several factors, including the need for decarbonisation and population growth that drives up the need for houses. These UK’s suppliers are already benefitting from these trends and the ongoing increase in demand for timber that they are driving.

With timber prices set to rise, if you’re considering purchasing a garden room or construction project that requires wood, then you are better off getting that quote secured sooner rather than later.

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8 Steps to a Party-Ready Garden

As we slowly move into summer 2021, it’s time to get your garden ready. It was a frigid April, but it finally seems that warmer weather is approaching. Whilst the roadmap out of lockdown appears to be on target – this year, probably more than in past years, you’ll be spending lots of time in your outdoor space. With some TLC, you can create a great party-ready garden space that’s worth spending all those hours in!

Whether you are a gardening professional or not, these eight steps to get your garden ready for summer will provide an easy way to make sure that it looks great. The best thing about following each step is how basic they all seem; so, there’s no need to make excuses or hesitate!

Clean Your Equipment

You won’t get anywhere if you don’t have the right equipment, but that doesn’t mean you need to spend hundreds on lawnmowers or hedge trimmers. The art of a perfect garden keeps it simple and neat; before beginning your journey of creating the perfect summer garden, make sure you’re well-prepared with all the necessary tools for success!

Give your metal gardening equipment the shine they need with water and a stiff brush. Dirty tools can help spread diseases, so it’s best to clean them after every use! You should oil your garden gear, too, as this prevents rust from accumulating on any sharp edges or joints that may end up hurting you in the future.

Treat Your Borders

So now you have your tools ready, it’s time to get started with the actual gardening! Start by removing any dead foliage – whether leaves on the ground or plants that might not have survived winter. If you’ve got borders in your garden where flowers grow, tidy up these areas and turn over the soil using a rake or spade to help for more manageable growth as dirt tends to harden when left alone after long periods.

Remove Weeds & Foliage

For the next step, remove any dead plants and weeds from the garden by pulling them out with a shovel or hoe. Yep, we know – it’s probably one of the most tedious jobs (especially if you aren’t big on gardening); but sadly, this needs to be done for your garden to be ready for summer! Don’t forget to pull up those pesky little sprouts that come back before their time and considering using a weed-killer to prevent more from popping up around cracks in areas such as decking/paving slabs.

In addition to weeds, pests are also a major concern in the garden. One pest you will likely find is slugs; they can ruin your plant life by eating it and causing destruction! Infestations must be dealt with quickly because once an area becomes overpopulated, there isn’t much left to do but give up on our plants altogether. But don’t worry – crushing up coffee beans work just as well as store-bought repellents at getting rid of them!

Trim Hedges

Whether you love trimming hedges into intricate shapes or just want them to look tidier, it doesn’t have to be too hard. First of all, get rid of any loose twigs from inside the hedge before you begin cutting – otherwise, they can end up flying back out at an angle which is not only dangerous but also unattractive. Use shears instead of scissors if possible as these tend to be safer; remember always to cut away from yourself when using sharp tools like sheers! Finally, don’t forget how much time and effort went into shaping those bushes and remember not to let them get out of control.

Plant Flowers

Flowers are a must-have if you want to make your garden more colourful. To ensure that they’re ready in time for the summer, start planting them now! Planting seeds is easy – find a suitable spot, dig out some soil, and then let it dry before covering with water again. The earlier you plant flowers this year (in spring) will mean the there’ll be plenty of blooms by July or August.

Once the garden itself is looking beautiful, it’s time to get entertainment ready.

Clean Decking & Patios

Over time, decking and patios can look dull and dirty, especially during the harsher winter months. If you do have access to a jet washer, this is an excellent way to clean these areas and have them sparkling clean in no time. If you want them to stay cleaner, varnish and paint any wood to help protect it and consider a patio sealant to keep weed growth at bay and make the area water-resistant.

Clean Garden Furniture

Cleaning your garden furniture is one of the last duties before spring turns into summer. Our outdoor, free-standing covers will keep it clean even without a thorough cleaning beforehand – but if you wait too long to cover up in winter, bits and dirt may start collecting on its surface! Hose down your patio set with water and scrub off any remaining debris with a damp cloth or sponge for best results by next time those sunny days roll around again.

Invest In Some Entertainment Space for a Party-Ready Garden


party ready-gardenFinally. why not make your garden the place to be this summer? By creating a dedicated entertaining space in your garden you can socialise with friends and family outdoors, where it is safer to do so. Fire up the barbie, crack open a few beers and enjoy those hot summer evenings with good food and good company.

The Lugarde Victor Summer House by Cotswold Garden Spaces proves that a great summerhouse with entertaining space doesn’t have to break the bank. This self-build solution comes in under £5,000. You can paint it whatever colour you desire to match your style or leave it as timber. It has the added bonus of interior space which can be used as a bar, home office, playroom or somewhere to shelter from the unpredictable British weather. You could even get a hot tub under that canopy. 


party-ready garden

Another option is to greater a dedicated garden bar like this, The Moonlight by Into The Garden Room who deliver within a 2-hour radius of Surrey. Designed with entertaining in mind and with a clean and modern look, it’s certainly a show stopper. This is a large room that suits a larger, wider plot garden the space is also complemented by a connected outdoor dining and barbecue area, perfect for home bars, lounges, outdoor entertaining, or a Gin Palace.

Into the garden room can tailor their rooms to suit different tastes and styles as well as uses. They also provide a bespoke end-to-end design process if you would like something unique to you.

Why don’t you make this summer’s gardening experience a little easier? With these eight steps, you’ll have a party-ready garden that’s prepped for the season and ready to impress!

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How To Finance a Garden Room

A garden room is an excellent addition to any home. It’s a space that you can use for pretty much anything from an office to a guest bedroom or just somewhere for the kids to play. If you fancy more space but are wondering how to finance a garden room, then read on; we will explore some of the options below.


If you have savings available, then you can choose to purchase your new garden room outright. This option means that you won’t owe any interest on your purchase. Of course, not everyone has savings, so the below options will explore alternative options.

You can also use your savings to finance a garden room in conjunction with another form of financing.

This will mean that you don’t need to be paying interest on the entire cost of the garden room, only what remains after you have factored in how much money is owed by way of loans or mortgages.

Rent a Garden Room

Some of our partners offer a rental option for their garden buildings. This can be a more affordable solution for someone needing a garden office to work from. It could potentially be included under business expenses in the same way a conventional office rent would be. Find out more about that here.

We have a dedicated filter for renting on the left-hand side of the search results, so you can quickly review the garden rooms available to rent. Take a look at them here.

Below is the Cedar Pod – 2.87m x 2.27m by Eden Spaces available to rent from £63p/w

rent a garden room

Garden Room Finance

garden room finance filter

Some garden room sellers offer finance for their products. This is similar to buying a car from a car dealership and getting finance at the dealership. The sellers have finance providers they work with to provide loans to cover the cost of the garden room. These loans are available subject to passing the credit checks.

We have several partners that provide the option to finance. You can find them quickly and easily by using the finance available filter on the left-hand side of the listings as pictured.

We are also in the process of developing our own finance calculator to offer the option of finance across all of the garden rooms on our website. Keep an eye on our social media accounts for more updates on this exciting new development. Click here to view garden rooms with finance options.

We have now partnered with iDeal 4 Finance to bring you financing options across all garden rooms on our website. You can apply via this link. Acceptance is subject to status, APR will vary depending on individual circumstances. Check out the tips below for getting credit.

Personal Loan

A personal loan is another way to obtain the financing needed to purchase a garden room. Personal loans can either be unsecured or secured against assets such as your home. Secured loans are a lower risk for the provider and usually have a lower APR; they are secured against assets such as your home. This means if you fail to keep up the repayments, you may lose the assets so consider this carefully first.

An unsecured loan is a popular choice because it isn’t secured against your home or assets. You can shop around online with comparison sites to find the best rates of interest for you. This will depend on your credit score. People with a higher credit score will secure better APR rates than those with lower scores. This is because they are a lower risk to the lender.

Equity Release

Another option is equity release. This is where a homeowner takes out one or more mortgages against their property and converts the value of this into an income. The money can be used in many ways, such as funding for renovations, retirement, holidays or even help with their children’s education fees.

Equity release is usually available to those over the age of 55. The money you release is yours to spend on what you want. This is repaid to the financiers when you die or sell your property.

One of the major benefits is that this form of finance doesn’t need to be paid back until death or sale, so that helps with peace of mind in retirement.

Tips for getting your credit application accepted

Any form of finance will need to be approved by a lender. This means you will be credit checked using data from your credit report. Below we have listed some ways to help you improve your chances of being accepted.

  • Check your credit report yourself first. This is now free to do online. Make sure you check the three main companies Equifax, Experian and Trans Union, as scores may differ.
  • The report will show you any errors, so they can be fixed before your application is made.
  • Ensure your payments are up to date.
  • Hard credit checks show up on a credit report, so if you know you’ll be applying for a loan, try not to apply for other forms of credit for a while first.
  • If you have had problems with debt in the past or bankruptcy, try and find specialist providers. Your APR will likely be higher.

As you can see, there are many ways to pay for the purchase of a garden room. Before committing it is always advisable to conduct your own research into finance available to you, the interest costs, the total repayable amount and to ensure the payments are affordable. Financing a garden room is the same as financing any other large purchase such as a car. Weigh up all of your options and make the right choice for you.

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Modular Buildings for Business: Custom, Cost-Effective Properties

The featured image is a recent build by Sovereign Modular Buildings for Happy Paws Dog Grooming


A modular building is a type of prefabricated, pre-assembled structure that can be used to create bespoke business premises. They are quick and cost-effective to install, with no time wasted on-site preparation or construction work. Modular buildings can be designed for all types of businesses – from retail outlets to warehouses, workshops, and more.

Many modular building companies offer a range of options to suit the needs of their clients, so it’s possible to find a design that suits any business. They can be created with your business in mind, to your own bespoke requirements.

What Are the Benefits of Modular Buildings For Businesses?

One of the biggest benefits modular buildings offer is that they are cost-effective. They can be built in a factory and delivered to the site, so there’s no need for time-consuming on-site construction work or preparation, which saves money.

They’re also quick to install, with some being completed in just three weeks from start to finish. This is also good news for the environment, as it means less carbon emissions than traditional construction.

Another benefit of modular buildings is that they don’t require on-site foundations and can be fitted with all sorts of high-spec features like plumbing, electricity, and automation without too much hassle.

They’re eco-friendly in other ways, too – because modular buildings are factory-built, they use less material and require much less transportation than traditional builds.

Converted shipping containers are another way of creating bespoke business premises. If they have been recycled, then they offer even greater greener credentials.

Sovereign Modular Buildings recently created a customer doggy grooming salon for Happy Paws Grooming Studio. Created with the business in mind with cute little finishing touches like dog tail-shaped hangers outside each kennel. This building is the ideal premises for its purpose.


The beauty of modular buildings and converted shipping containers is that they’re not limited in a way an existing physical building may be. They are a blank canvas, built to the size, shape, and spec that you require.

Let’s take a look at some solutions below.

Large Converted Container Garden Office by Containers & More.

Container Modular Office

The pictured building was a bespoke request. This converted shipping container structure demonstrates how you can repurpose a container into a building to work from. In this instance, it was created from four 40ft shipping containers, custom painted and cut down in size to make a 24ft long building. The finished building featured an office, a kitchen area, and a living area as well. This building cost around £30,000, including delivery.


Bespoke Offices and Pavilions by Sovereign Modular Buildings

Modular Buildings

Sovereign Modular Buildings create bespoke buildings manufactured and tailor-made for any setting, requirement, or purpose. Luxury, High-Quality Bespoke Buildings designed with your needs in mind, whether that be an Office Unit, a Glamping Site Reception, or another structure! The building pictured was created with a high-end specification and for specific commercial use. This cost upwards of £250,000 – however their Offices and Pavilions start at £50,000.


Dryspace Spaces – Large by Dryspace Structures

Modular Buildings Gym

Dryspace Spaces offer a fully configurable and modular semi-permanent maintenance-free space. Each space comes with a 10-year structural warranty to provide customers with peace of mind. Fabricated using carefully sourced and tested materials, a Dryspace Space has a projected life expectancy of more than 35 years. Insulated panels ensure that these structures can provide the perfect year-round space to work, rest or play. The large space starts from £18,714.


Modular spaces are versatile and can work for all manner of business’s needs. We have highlighted just a couple of solutions; you can start your own search here.


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