How to Create a Multipurpose Garden Room

*Garden Room Pictured is The Twilight by Into The Garden Room

Investing in a garden room is a great solution for those who need extra space. Garden rooms are so versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes, such as a home office, an extra bedroom, a home gym and more. For those who have a need for more than one additional space, creating a multipurpose garden room could be the perfect solution. Let’s explore how to do this…

Split your room with partition walls

Partition walls can be used to create a completely separate room or area within your main garden building. Partition walls are usually optional upgrades to a garden building and can be used to create a space that perfectly suits your needs. Perhaps you want to create a small storage space within your garden room or separate the structure into two separate areas to be used for different purposes.

While some people choose to use partition walls to create storage cupboards, others use them to create a private area such as a shower room or small bathroom. The latter can be useful in garden rooms used as home gyms or guest living spaces.

Another way to use partition walls is to create two entirely separate rooms for different purposes. For example, you may wish to split the space within your garden building so that you can use it as both a home office and a social or family area. This allows you to get the maximum utility for your money.

You can add internal doors, if you choose, to allow for easy access between the separate spaces. This option is, of course, essential for things like shower rooms or storage cupboards but can also allow you to get creative with how you use your space. For example, if you use your garden building to run a home business, you could choose to separate the space with partition walls and internal doors to create a private office area and an additional meeting room or client area.

Create a broken plan layout

If you don’t want to separate your space using partition walls, you can instead use clever design tricks to divide your room into different areas. A broken plan layout would be perfect for this. Broken plan is a similar concept to open plan living spaces but refers to the use of split levels, different floor finishes, different patterns and colours, furniture and semi-permanent partitions to create different zones within a room.

Subtle divides such as screens and bookcases can be used to separate different areas. The benefit of this approach is that it is so easy to switch it up at any time according to your evolving needs. One of the benefits of broken plan living is that it helps to retain the spacious feel within a structure, which can be lost with the addition of partition walls.

This approach allows you to get creative with your interior design, making a space that is both multifunctional while showing off your personality. It’s the ideal solution for garden rooms that are used by multiple members of a household for different purposes at different times. It’s also ideal for garden rooms which are used as guest accommodation because it allows you to create distinct areas, such as a sleeping space and living space.


Creating a multipurpose garden room is the perfect way to get maximum utility and value out of your investment. One of the best things about garden rooms is that you can design and adapt them to perfectly suit the needs of you and your family. Adding partition walls or using clever design techniques can help ensure everyone gets what they need from the additional space.

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How to Successfully Work from Home in 2022

Pre-pandemic, working from home was a dream for many people. While it was possible for employees to request flexible working conditions from their employer, a good reason was required. As such, for many people, the only way to achieve the dream of home working was to go self-employed. However, post lockdown, this has all changed. Employers have seen the benefits of embracing home working and are offering more employees than ever before the opportunity to work from home. Whether you’re self-employed or looking to ditch the office and work from home more in 2022, we have the solution to ensure you reap all the benefits without facing the common pitfalls of this lifestyle.

The Pros and Cons of Working from Home

There are many advantages to working from home. It has the potential to improve your quality of life by giving you back all those hours previously spent commuting to and from work. Not only does this give you extra time to spend with the people and activities you love, but it also helps to reduce stress and save money. Many people find their sense of wellbeing and calm increases when they don’t have to get up so early and rush around to get to work in the mornings.

Working from home can also give you greater flexibility over your work schedule and help you balance other commitments, such as caring for family members or beloved pets.

Not only can you save money on travel costs by working from home, but also on things like lunch on the go and other expenses such as clothing.

So, what’s the downside?

Unfortunately, many people find that working from home makes it difficult to separate work from home life. Often, people find it hard to shut off from work or experience increased stress or distractions.

The Ideal Solution – A Garden Office

A garden room can provide the ideal solution to the potential pitfalls of working from home. It can give you a dedicated workspace away from the main home while still allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of working from home.

By providing you with a dedicated office away from the main house, a garden building provides the separation between home and work life. You can simply switch off at the end of the working day and return to the main house.

You can set up your garden office to meet all your working needs, with the connectivity and technology you need to get all your tasks done. You can create a professional working environment while ensuring it has the personal touch by decorating it exactly how you want because it is your own personal space.

If you need to see clients, prospects or associates, your garden office will provide the ideal space to present a professional image and ensure privacy and confidentiality when required.

While an initial investment will be required, this will pay off in the long term via cost savings on commuting and other expenses associated with going to work. It will also add to the value of your home. And the great thing about garden rooms is that they are so versatile and can be used for many different purposes. So, if you ever decide you don’t want to work from home anymore, you can use the space for something else.


If you want to make homeworking a success in 2022, consider investing in a garden office. It will allow you to reap all the benefits associated with working from home while avoiding the potential pitfalls. Take a look at some accessories that can help you work smarter here.


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How a Garden Room Can Help You Achieve Your Goals in 2022

January is a time for planning and setting goals for the year ahead. Optimising your environment for success is key to achieving whatever you are setting out to do this year. When designed for purpose, a garden room can provide the ideal space to support you in your goals. In this post, we highlight some of the ways a garden room can help you achieve your goals in 2022.

Getting fit

Whether it’s to lose weight or improve your health, getting fit is at the very top of most people’s list of New Year’s resolutions in January. Joining the gym can be costly, and there’s the additional barrier of having to travel there to work out. However, a garden room is the ideal space to create a home gym or fitness studio.

You can create a dedicated space to take up whatever type of exercise that appeals to you, whether it’s weight training, cardio, virtual HIIT classes, yoga or something else. Having a private space in your own home that is easily accessible allows you to feel comfortable and overcome the barrier of travelling to work out. This helps to ensure you will stick to your planned fitness routine and create the body you desire this year.

Starting a business

Many people aspire to set up their own business and be their own boss. If this is one of your goals in 2022, investing in a garden room will give you the ideal space to run your business from. This will give you the benefits of working from home, such as reduced operational costs, but with the added bonus of a dedicated, professional space from which to run your business.

Garden rooms make the perfect home office, with ample space for all the office equipment you need. However, they are also extremely versatile and can be adapted to suit most business needs. Whether you need a private space to see clients, a workshop to get creative in, or a conventional office set-up, a garden room can provide all this and more.

Having a dedicated space from which to run your business will help to get you off on the right footing, creating a good work-life balance from the start. This will help to ensure your business venture remains enjoyable, so you are more likely to stick it out for the long run.

Taking up a new hobby

Many of us have hidden talents just waiting to be discovered. If you are one of those people who has always wanted to take up a particular hobby but has never found the time to do it, a garden room could provide the ideal space.

Creating a dedicated space to pursue your interests and passions will help to motivate you to carve out the time for learning new things. A garden room is the perfect space for a hobby room, whether you turn it into a workshop, craft space, music room, studio or something else. It gives you peace away from the main home and anyone else you live with, so you can focus on what you’re doing.

Learning new skills helps to occupy your mind and give you something to focus on. By creating a dedicated space for this, you will be more likely to continue practising your new skills. Who knows, your passion could even turn into a business one day!

Saving money

Many of us resolve to save money and improve our finances in the new year. There are many ways a garden room can help you achieve this goal, depending on what you use it for. When viewed as a space that can be utilised as an alternative to your usual costly pastimes, a garden room can bring you great savings over the long term.

Do an audit of your spending habits and figure out where you can make savings. If you go to the gym a lot, for example, our previous tip on creating a home gym in your garden room could help save on expensive gym memberships and travel costs.

If you go out a lot to socialise, consider creating a space where you can invite your friends over and entertain in your home instead of going out. Many people add a bar to their garden room or use it as a games room. Due to the inside space that it provides, you can enjoy the space comfortably all year round. Whether it’s family entertainment, parties or date night, utilising your garden room can help you save a fair amount over the course of a year.


Whatever your goals are in 2022, we wish you the best of luck in achieving them. Setting your garden room up to support you with your goals will help to keep you motivated and persistent for longer. If you don’t already have a garden room, perhaps 2022 will be the year you make the investment – it’ll really pay off!

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How to Incorporate the Colour of the Year – Very Peri into Your Garden Room

For years interior trends have been neutral, with grey and white dominating people’s homes. After a long run of muted years due to the ongoing pandemic, 2022 is the year to brighten up our lives. The Pantone colour of 2022 has been announced as Very Peri; a cool lilac tinged blue.

We are loving this cool shade and think it works well inside the home, or even outside, in the garden room. Here are five ways you could incorporate Very Peri into your home and garden this year.

A Feature Wall

Why not add a splash of colour to a feature wall? A garden room can be a small space, but they usually have plenty of natural light. Creating a feature wall in your home or garden room is a fantastic way to keep it fresh. If you don’t fancy an entire colour wall, you could perhaps opt for some slices, arcs, or triangles.

Pantone feature wall

Blinds / Curtains

If you prefer to keep the walls unadorned, you can always dress a room with some quality curtains or blinds. Functional and beautiful, blinds can help keep the sun out of your eyes at certain times of the day, and curtains draw the eye and add beauty.

peri rugRugs

A good rug or floor runner in Very Peri is another way to add a splash of colour to your space. Many garden rooms have hard flooring such as laminate or vinyl, which can be cold. A cosy rug adds a softer feel underfoot and a cosy vibe to your space.

The rug on the left was found on the Society6 website, it comes in a range of colours.

A Lamp

Lamps are another way to set the tone and mood. Many garden rooms have LED spotlights which can be harsher. Why not add a lovely lamp with a very peri lampshade to your space. It can be used to give a different ambience to your area as well as adding a splash of colour to the room.


As well as lamps and curtains, there are many other ways to accessorise a room. These include picture frames, mirrors, furnishings, ceramics, plant pots, wall art, and so much more. If you have a garden office, you could opt for desk accessories in. the Pantone colour of the year.

The below were all found on

Very Peri wall artVery Peri clockpantone mousematRed Bubble Cushion

These are just five ways to bring a pop of colour to your life. The point of designing your space is to be creative and find what works for you. Have fun with it and let your creative juices flow.

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