5 Benefits of an Annexe

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Annexes are a popular choice on Rooms2u for many reasons, primarily they allow people to maintain independence. They are popular among families who would like to keep elderly relatives close by, while still maintaining freedom for both parties, as well as for young adults who perhaps cannot afford to move out due to high rental prices but crave to live independently.


Coming in a range of styles, sizes and shapes it’s easy to see why annexes are a popular choice. We take a look at some of the reasons you may want to get an annexe.


Getting on the Property Ladder

Sewerby Annexe

Getting onto the property ladder has become increasingly difficult over the last decade or so. Many young people find themselves priced out of the market. Staying at home is one way to reduce their overheads but the lack of independence can be off-putting for many. An annexe allows young adults to learn about being self-sufficient, have their own space and perhaps pay a lower rent to their relatives for an annexe over private rental properties and bills which haemorrhage their monthly paycheques, thus allowing them to save up for the deposit on their own property.


Keep Relatives Close With an Annexe

Cresta Annexe

Ageing takes its toll on us all, it can be a worrying time for people if their parents begin to get frail with age. Many wish to keep them close to help take care of them and ensure they are managing day-to-day, but perhaps still want independent living for themselves and their parents. An annexe allows for this. You can even get 1- or 2-bedroom annexes that are self-contained comes available for installation into a garden.


Earn Some Extra Income With an Annexe

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The governments rent a room scheme allows people to rent out a room in their home and earn a tax-free amount each year of £7,500. This amount would allow you to earn £625per month in rental income for a room. Renting a room in your home, however, can seem daunting and perhaps encroach on privacy and security especially if the lodger is a stranger. Renting an annexe out, however, can provide a self-contained unit for someone to rent, without the need to be inside your personal home.


Annexe Business Opportunities

Glamping Pod

Annexes are also a popular choice for glamping sites and those who operate air B&B businesses. Allowing guests to stay in annexes can prove a lucrative income stream for owners. The rise of glamping in recent years has made pods, domes and annexes a popular choice for people with some land looking to make some extra income.


Downsizing & The Environment

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Some people chose to live in an annexe simply for the mere fact that they no longer need a large home with all the associated overheads. Tiny Homes have become fashionable in recent years allowing people to live smaller, reduce their energy usage and overheads and even reduce their carbon footprint. Many annexes are the ideal candidate for solar panels to provide electricity and heat water for example. Living roofs are another way to keep heat in and help the carbon cycle. Some people choose to sell their homes, buy a small piece of land and install an annexe, lower overheads can mean a better quality of life with less work and more enjoyment.


As you can see above annexes have many plus points, if you would like to take a look at some of the annexes available, you can start your search here.