Garden Office – Business Expenses and Tax


A garden office is the ideal solution for those running a business from home. Garden structures are separate from the main property and, therefore, provide a quieter, more professional space that allows you to effectively separate work from home life. While there are many advantages to be had with a garden office, it is important to consider the financial implications before installation. In this post, we will explore the business expenses and tax implications of running a business from a garden office.



Whether you are a sole trader or running a limited company, you need to consider whether you are using your garden office solely for business purposes or not. Generally speaking, you can claim the VAT back for the cost of the structure if you are VAT registered. However, if you use your garden office for personal use some of the time, you can only claim the relevant percentage of VAT.

Example: You use your garden office for business purposes Monday to Friday. On weekends, your family uses the space for purposes such as relaxing, entertainment, exercising etc. You would, therefore, be using the garden office for business purposes roughly 70% of the time and could, therefore, only claim 70% of the VAT.

Initial construction or installation


The cost of constructing or installing a garden office is not tax-deductible from your business profits. This applies also to any costs associated with the installation, such as delivery charges and initial decoration.

It does not matter whether you construct the garden office yourself or purchase a ready-made structure from a company. Even though a garden room is technically a moveable structure, it counts as premises from which you run your business and not an item of business equipment.

Equipment, furniture and fixings


The good news is that any items you purchase for the structure, such as furniture, storage, IT equipment etc., do count as business expenses and are, therefore, tax-deductible. This counts also for thermal insulation and electrical works. Although the initial decoration of your structure is not tax-deductible, you can deduct the expenses of redecoration when this becomes necessary.  Ensure you receive itemised bills for any such work as you will need these to evidence your expenses.



When it comes to utilities, you may deduct the costs in full only if your garden office has a separate meter. Otherwise, you can deduct a percentage based on your use of the room for business purposes. One way of estimating this is by dividing the total cost of utilities by the number of rooms in your property, including the garden office. You would then pay the amount for the garden office only.

This counts for all utilities, including heating, electricity and water. Presumably, you would have a dedicated phone line for your business which would be entirely tax-deductible. However, if this is not the case, and you are using your personal landline or mobile for business purposes also, the percentage rule will apply.

Example: Your property has five rooms, including the garden office. You would then claim 20% of the cost of utilities as a business expense. Keep in mind, however, that this gets complicated if you are also using the space for personal use.

What if I use my garden office as a guest room?


If your garden office is in your company name and you use it as a one-off for a guest room, you do not need to worry. However, if there are people regularly sleeping in the room, then this would count as personal use and, therefore, affect your accounts in terms of tax and expenses.

If you are a sole trader, this is more relevant. You will need to demonstrate that your garden office is solely for business use in order to benefit from maximum tax deductions.

Do I need to pay capital gains tax if I sell my home?


If your garden office is a company asset, then technically, capital gains tax could be applicable if you sell your home. However, in reality, this is very unlikely to be an issue. This is because, although a garden room can increase the value of your property, its value in isolation will decrease over time. There is, therefore, no profit or gain to be had from it when selling your property. If there was any gain, it is likely to be exempt from capital gains tax.

Do I need to pay business rates on a garden office?


Business rates and associated reliefs vary between local authorities. It is, therefore, advisable that you check with your local authority to find out where you stand regarding business rates for your garden office.

It is possible that garden offices will attract business rates. However, there are reliefs available for small businesses as well as those located in designated economic areas and rural locations. Check with your local authority to see if you qualify.

Although there are some considerations to be made regarding the financial implications of running a business from a garden office, there are many advantages to be had. You will no longer need to commute to work which will save time and money. For those already working from home, it is much easier to separate home and work life when you have a separate building for work. It also presents a much more professional image to clients and business prospects.

If you are ready to take the plunge and invest in a shoffice, then you can start your search for a garden office here.

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How to Maintain Good Mental Health While Working From Home

With another national lockdown just announced, many of us are back to remote working, that’s if we ever left it to start with. Working from home has become the new ‘norm’. While wfh has many upsides, it does take its toll on our mental health, we are social creatures after all.

Taking care of your mental health is important, especially during the uncertain and worrying times we are living in right now. We’ve put together some tips to help you take care of your mind while working from home.

Maintain a routine

It can be all too easy to slip into a lackadaisical pattern but it won’t help your mood. The majority of us require structure and routine to keep us going. Rolling out of bed to a desk in your pj’s may seem tempting, but it won’t set the right tone.

In order to keep on track and productive you should establish good working routines and habits. You may wish to work in your pj’s, but make sure you get up, follow a good morning routine such as breakfast, coffee, shower, check emails, etc.

Create a routine that works for you, some need to get up and dressed for the day, others can manage in their loungewear, no one’s judging. When it comes to the routine, however, stick to it.

Create a home office

Of course, we don’t all have the means to convert a room into an office or erect a garden room office overnight, but a dedicated working space is vital. It’s all about that crucial work-life balance. You need to be able to have that divide between work and relaxation space. Working from bed won’t keep you productive.

Maintaining a good posture is important, when you slump over, you don’t breathe properly, and in turn, will feel more tired. This will impact productivity and mood. A good ergonomic chair to work from is a worthy investment.

Create your space at a desk or table in a quiet and relatively distraction-free area. Keep it clean and clutter-free. Perhaps add a plant or two for some colour.


Remove distractions

When working from home, away from the gaze of colleagues you may easily slip into bad habits such as playing games on your phone, browsing websites, or watching TV. All of this will disrupt your routine and leave you rushing to finish tasks when you realise you’re behind.

Keeping to set working times, maintains discipline, and keeps you on track, focused, and above all maintains a healthy mindset.

Stay in touch

Stay in touch with colleagues and friends when you are not working. This past year has been lonely and isolating for many. Make sure you stay in touch through social media, messages, calls, and best of all video calls to maintain some form of socialisation.


Sitting still for long periods of the day and not leaving the house is not great for either physical or mental health. Try to go for a daily walk, build it into your routine daily to get some fresh air, and get the blood flowing.

Alternatively, you may prefer to follow a workout video, or maybe you have some fitness equipment, and a well-established workout routine already. Yoga is a great way to unwind and improve mental health also. There are some great yoga videos on YouTube.

Take time for you

Remember to take some time for yourself, don’t work all hours to pass the days away. You need to take time for self-care. This can be in the form of meditation, pampering yourself while you can’t visit salons, barbers, etc, take baths, listen to your favourite music, read, learn new skills.


This time there is hope on the horizon in the form of vaccines, which will hopefully help end this pandemic. We will get through this together.

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Manage Lockdown2 Like a Boss with a Shoffice

*Pictured above is the Lugarde Napoleon Garden Home Office by Cotswold Garden Spaces from £2,699

With plans for a new nationwide lockdown announced at the weekend, the population is once again having to consider working from home.

This lockdown is different from the one back in March, with less stringent regulations. The key differences are that education settings such as schools and universities may remain open and people who cannot work from home may still go to work unless they work in non-essential shops that cannot offer a click and collect service.

The news has been welcomed with mixed reactions, but the message is clear – We must protect our NHS.

So, Can You Work Effectively From Home?

Many people discovered during the last lockdown that there are perks to working from home. There’s no commute time, you saved money on travel and lunch, coffees, etc and you can wear what you want!

Of, course there were some downsides, many weren’t equipped – Argos sold out of many desk designs back in March and the kids were also at home, so parents had more distractions than they would at work.

So, What’s the Key to Home Working Success?

  • Quiet
  • Comfortable
  • Warm
  • Connectivity

During the last lockdown, many people found themselves working in cramped and uncomfortable makeshift conditions. Productivity can be greatly reduced by poor posture, background noise, and discomfort.

You needn’t despair though. We have a solution that caters to all of the above points creating the perfect home office.

Garden offices or Shoffice’s (shed/office), have become increasingly popular since the first lockdown. Many people realised the potential of having a dedicated working space.

How Can a Shoffice Help Me Work More Productively?

Having a dedicated working space can greatly increase productivity and keep you focused on the task at hand. Somewhere quiet and away from distractions, as well as any embarrassing background noises that could interrupt phone calls or zoom meetings is the key. (If you need a laugh you can view some hilarious zoom fails here).

Being away from the main living accommodation, a garden office is the perfect solution.

Comfort Catered For

Garden Rooms make a perfect shoffice because they are versatile and come in a range of sizes. From the compact single person office space to large multi-room, multi-function spaces. Whatever your needs, there is a range of sellers ready to create off-the-shelf, or bespoke garden buildings to fit your exact requirements.

With double glazing, insulation, electrics, and even heating or running water if required, these rooms have everything you need to comfortably work throughout lockdown and beyond.

Need Some Shoffice Inspiration?

We have selected some popular shoffice choices below, but you can start your own search for the perfect home office here.

Nordic GB Shoffice

Broadway by Nordic Garden Buildings from £13,395

The Broadway has a flat roof to maximise the space within the building. Constructed with modern materials Nordic Garden Buildings have created a durable space that is ideal for home working. The Broadway is a maintenance-free, insulated building that can be used comfortably all year round without the inconvenience of annual painting or staining. It also has the added benefit of high security locking on all the doors and windows, you can rest assured that your property within the building will be safe and sound.

Serenity Self-Build Office

Serenity Garden Room – Self-Build Kit by Serenity Garden Rooms from £10,346

Save money with a ‘Serenity Self-Build’ garden room. If you’re a little handy you can build your own stylish, fully insulated, all year round, Serenity Garden Room. Supplied with a step by step tutorial, full support and detailed video guides to help ensure a high quality, professional finish for your new space.
This garden building lends itself well to a home office set-up and looks great thanks to top-quality timber C24 which Serenity garden Buildings import from Sweden. Serenity uses timber only from a range of planed-all-round carcassing, providing a reliable and consistent high-quality finish.
Scotts of Trapston Summerhouse shoffice

The Newhaven Corner Summerhouse by Scotts of Thrapston from £6,730

For smaller or odd-shaped gardens, corner buildings work really well. The Newhaven has been cleverly designed to make the most of a corner setting and to fit snugly into a confined location. It is supplied with lockable doors and casement windows with laminated glass. The doors and windows are all fitted with brass ironmongery, as standard. The Newhaven opens up to create a spacious and airy summerhouse offering the ideal view across the whole garden, which is great for those working from home.

Dryspace Modular Office

Dryspace Spaces – Small by Dryspace Structures from £14,394

Dryspace Spaces offer a fully configurable and modular semi-permanent maintenance-free space. Each space comes with a 10-year structural warranty to provide customers with peace of mind. Fabricated using carefully sourced and tested materials, a Dryspace Space has a projected life expectancy of more than 35 years. Insulated panels, ensure that these structures can provide the perfect year-round space to work, rest or play.


POD Garden Room by Winslade Landscapes from £11,160

The POD Garden Room is ideal for use as a shoffice, It comes with a 10-year product guarantee and a 5-year installation warranty. An attractive unit with plenty of natural light and space to work. This garden building looks great while offering that all-important extra space to work, rest, or play.

Winslade Landscapes cover Hampshire, Surrey, London, Berkshire, and other surrounding areas









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A Garden Room Can Increase Your Property’s Value by up to 10%

*Image is Green Retreats TG04

Did you know that installing a garden room could increase the value of your property by as much as 10 per cent? Which, means that as well as making your living space more practical for you, you could also get a return on your investment, should you ever decide to sell up.

Garden rooms go down well with potential buyers because they are a blank canvas, a room to use for whatever you desire. A kitchen, is a kitchen, a bathroom is a bathroom but a garden room, with a little imagination, can be anything you wish; a gym, office, game room, entertaining room, outdoor dining room, a bar, yoga studio, playroom, sound studio or much, much more. Your only limitation is imagination.


We have covered small business owners who have made their dreams come to life with a garden room or cabin, people have set up remote offices or even garden bars which have got them through Covid. Fitness instructors have taken to zoom from a garden room to keep their clients on track, bands can practice in garden rooms without disturbing the family and all while maintaining a healthy balance in their work/home life.

We take a look at 5 versatile garden rooms that could be your blank space below.


garden room

POD Garden Room by Winslade Landscapes

This gorgeous garden pod design by Winslade landscapes is incredibly versatile, a spare room in the garden for use as you please. The large glass doors provide ample light and the design makes an attractive addition to any garden. The POD comes with a 10-year product guarantee and 5-year installation warranty. This building is available for delivery throughout Hampshire, Surrey, London, Berkshire and surrounding areas.


summerhouse roomSummerhouse Room by Bentley Garden Buildings

A bespoke summerhouse room by Bentley garden Buildings is designed to your requirements, meaning it can be suited to your own taste, style and sizing requirements. Whether you need a tapered building to make the most of a small space, a door ramp to help with access or a partition wall to keep your gardening tools separate from your summerhouse, Bentley garden Buildings can accommodate.



tranquil garden roomTranquil by Garden Rooms Cabins

This is a room with a difference, it can actually be moved with you should you decide to move home as it’s completely transportable! Included in the price are exterior cladding, an overhanging flat roof, full electrics package, plaster boarded and even come decorated and finished with a choice of flooring. Delivery can be arranged anywhere in the UK.



claremontThe Claremont from The CDR Range by Outdoor Modular Spaces

The CDR Range is a popular range of garden buildings by Outdoor Modular Spaces. Designed with a beautiful Western Red Cedar cladding, Aluminium flashing, and a finished design that gives it that WOW factor. Finished internally with a flat ceiling and a canopy roof with spotlights and even recessed spotlights on the composite decking. There are many internal finishing options available, along with your choice of a single door, bi-fold doors or sliding doors making it a customisable and versatile solution to your extra space needs. This is available for delivery within the Home Counties.


Aspen garden roomThe Aspen by Under The Living Sun

The Aspen is our no-expense-spared, zero-maintenance garden room, complete with large LED-lit composite decking area surrounded by a toughened-glass balustrade. It boasts heaps of potential, from a high-end holiday-let to a home fitness studio to a garden office. The decking area surrounded by stunning toughened-glass balustrade comes complete not only with LED downlights but also a double external power socket. Available throughout England a Wales this is a great dual-purpose solution which is definitely eye-catching.

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A Beauty Salon Cabin Offers a Treat For Customers Bodies & Minds

Our search to showcase the versatility of cabins for work, play and rest led us to Hannah Bath. Hannah has run her beauty business, Serenity beauty, from a cabin in her garden for the last two years now.

It’s been a difficult time for beauty businesses during the ongoing pandemic, but beautician Hannah, from St Neots, Cambridgeshire actually took the time to become a mental health first aider because her clients feel safe talking about their problems with her, meaning she can offer the best possible advice to them, making her service a cut above the competition. We asked Hannah some questions about her beauty business and learned that her customers actually prefer visiting her cabin as it’s more secluded and private.

What prompted you to take this route?

I have 2 children so being able to work around them was the key. I was working from a room inside the house previously but was desperate for a bit of separation to gain that all-important work-life balance. Thankfully things were going well with the business and I was able to have the cabin installed in the garden of our new home.

What do your clients think of your beauty salon cabin?

They love it! I actually looked at renting a premises on the local high street initially. A few clients voiced concerns over parking costs and being seen in public after having certain treatments such as lip waxes and the redness that follows, facials and spray tans. They love the fact that they can park on my driveway and pop into the back garden in their comfy clothes with no make-up without fear of bumping into someone they know. A beauty salon cabin was the ideal solution for everyone.

What services do you offer from your cabin?

I offer treatments such as eyebrow and eyelash services. Spray tans. Facials and massage. Manicure, pedicure and all waxing services too.

How do you promote your business?

I have built my business up mostly through my Facebook page and word of mouth. In the beginning, I did a couple of school fetes and gained a few clients that way, but word of mouth really is the best form of endorsement; people go where their friends feel comfortable.


How did COVID affect your business?

I was actually on maternity leave during a chunk of lockdown, so I felt as though the world had stopped with me. I kept in touch with my clients and gave them the option to be contacted when I was back to work and I’m very thankful to say that most of them have returned. It was hard at first when Boris had restrictions such as no facial treatments, but people were mostly just happy to be able to have any form of pampering done, and instead of their eyelash extensions people treated themselves to a pedicure or something else. They were just grateful to get out of the house for a treat.

How easy was it to install the necessary equipment?


It was surprisingly easy. I just had to gauge where I wanted things to be placed such as where I would need plug sockets for my equipment. I had the cabin purpose-built from scratch with foundations by a builder who is a family friend. It has 2 windows and a nice sturdy door. It’s insulated and plaster-boarded, in total it cost £5,000 for the cabin. I then decorated it myself and added flooring at around £200. I opted for vinyl flooring as it’s easy to clean and replace if needed. It took him around 3 weeks to complete the build, we were really lucky we had great weather at the time so he could just get on.


I have electricity running in there with its own fuse box it was connected from the house. They laid the cable under the patio slabs, there is no water out there currently. I have a downstairs cloakroom just inside the back door which my clients have always been able to use. Now with COVID I have asked them to only use it in emergency’s and everyone has been fine with this, no one has needed to use it so far.

How did COVID affect your business?

I think like everyone in the beauty industry I suffered from not being able to come back as soon as some other industries could, but on a personal level, it has certainly made me reflect on my business and think about how I operate and how I can maximise my clients’ experience and my earnings. I have also had the time to research some new treatments and become a mental health first aider as I find a lot of my clients like to talk to me about a wide range of subjects and I now feel like I’m in a better position to listen and offer the right advice to help them.

We have been inspired by Hannah’s resilience, she took the time to do a little market research with her clients and actually found that a cabin in her garden was a firm favourite as clients prefer to be somewhere quiet and secluded without the feeling of judgment post-treatment.

Follow Hannah on Instagram here or follow The Serenity Beauty Facebook page for all the latest updates on her beauty salon cabin.

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How To Choose The Perfect Garden Room For You

Featured image is Cedar Cladded garden Building by Oakstone Solutions, find it here.

Garden rooms are an incredibly versatile way of gaining some extra space, whether it’s for living, relaxing, working or storage there is something to suit. But, how do you know which garden room is the best choice for you with so many choices on the market?

We take a look below at some of the key considerations.

What will the garden room be used for?


This is the primary consideration and will be the largest influence on your choice. Do you need the space for work, relaxation, perhaps it’s a spare guest bedroom or an annexe for a family member? Will it be a multi-functional space such as somewhere to work and relax, or do you just need a small area to work from? Your deliberation will also require the contemplation of the following points:

  • Will it be used for one sole purpose or multiple purposes?
  • Do you need utilities connected to the garden room such as electricity for lights and power, or water for a sink or toilet?
  • How much space do you need?
  • How frequently will the garden room be used?
  • Will it need insulation to be used year round?

Consider Your Budget

Once you have decided what the room will be used for you should do some research on pricing and options. There’s no point getting carried away with plans and then discovering the garden room of your dreams is way out of reach. Make a list of your wants and needs, needs are things the structure HAS to have, while wants are optional extras that would be nice and can be added if the budget affords.

You can get a good idea of prices on our marketplace here. This can serve as a guide to start making your plans.


What Style do you like?

Garden rooms come in a range of styles and finishes, from conventional log cabin designs to funky and modern shapes in a range of colours. Consider the finish you would like, would you prefer natural wood or a composite wood finish? Which colour would best fit in with your garden and home? With wood, there’s the choice of natural, stained or painted and with composite finished there is a range of colours to select.

Choosing the shape will be dependent on the space you have to install the garden room. For small gardens a corner unit may work best, L-shape structures are a good way to increase the footprint, for annexes there is a huge range of shapes and styles available, with some unique looking buildings.


Do you need installation?

Some garden rooms come as kits to build yourself at home, while others can be installed by the company you buy from. Of course, installation is a more costly option, so for those that are quite handy and can find something off the shelf so to speak, a self-build option could be the way forward. For anything fairly complicated though, that requires the connection of utilities etc, it’s always advisable to use the correct trades for the job, this will increase the cost of the build and should be considered first.


Does a garden room require planning permission?

If you are building an annexe for dwelling then yes, planning permission will need to be obtained. Most garden rooms, however, can be built under permitted development rights if they are for an office, summerhouse etc. This is providing they are below 2.5 metres in height and are of a single story. Some areas of outstanding natural beauty are excludes from permitted development rights, so we always advise checking with your local council first, but here are the general rules for outbuildings under permitted development rights.

As with any large purchase, it’s always sensible to look around at what’s available and do proper research before committing to a purchase. We have some other interesting blogs that may help you in the search for a garden office, search for an annexe or somewhere to for the offspring chill out perhaps.

Remember, our marketplace is full of fantastic options from the usual the quirky, start your search for a garden room here.


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Will Working from Home Become the New Normal?

For a while now, companies have recognised the benefits of having staff that work remotely. It saves their resources in the form of large office spaces and the overheads associate with them. The biggest concern in the minds of organisations, however, was the security associated with allowing employees access to systems from home.


COVID expedited what we believe would have happened slowly over the next few years and enforced homeworking, which made companies test their infrastructures and systems earlier than expected.


Homeworking is beneficial to both the employer and employees. Workers enjoying cutting out the commute time and can be around at home for deliveries, family, pets, and so on. So, with it seemingly being a win-win, will more people opt to continue working from home once this pandemic has passed?


The ‘gig economy’ has been exploding in recent years, with many people gaining paid jobs on the internet and working from home, so if employers offered the chance to work from home instead of travelling into the office how many more would opt to do so? Google already told staff they would be working from home until at least Summer 2021 and they are unlikely to be alone in this measure.


Of course, it’s not all a bed of roses, many people found that working from home with the entire family home was distracted and could limit productivity. There was very little warning with COVID which meant people were operating under makeshift conditions, working from a laptop at a kitchen table, Argos and the likes quickly sold out of desks and chairs so that people could create that dedicated office space.


There has been a rise in people looking for some extra space since lockdown in the form of garden rooms and offices. These rooms a multi-functional and provide additional space that can be used to work in peace and quiet, increasing productivity and ensuring everything needed for the tasks required are at hand and not cluttering up the main living accommodation. They also provide space to start a home business as well as being purely office space.


Ultimately, COVID has inadvertently produced a large social experiment that could change the world on so many levels in the immediate future, steering us towards a new normal and where and how we work will be at the forefront of this. IT skills will likely become even more valuable, with many other jobs likely to become in lower demand such as cleaning contractors who service office blocks for example. This will leave some people needing to reskill in order to maintain some form of paid employment.


We predict a massive shift is beginning to take place, we would love to hear your thoughts about this topic. Join in the conversation with us on social media.

If you want to be prepared and fancy a garden office of your own, you can start your search here.

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Cabin Cuts : A Resilient Young Hairdressers Cabin Business

People are increasingly realising the potential of garden rooms and cabins, both for relaxation and leisure as well as a place to earn a living. After the heavy restrictions of lockdown recently left many people having to work from home, with some, still yet to return to their place of work, it became very apparent that make-shift dining table desks and the hustle and bustle of daily life at home just couldn’t cut it for many.

The search for garden offices increased post lockdown, with a huge uncertainty of what winter may bring with regards to this pandemic. Some people, however, have known about the benefits a garden room could bring, long before lockdown and even run a cabin business from their own back garden.

19-year-old Josie Mead from Eastbourne is one such person. She began running a Cabin Cuts, a hair salon from the cabin in her garden just over a year ago. Josie has a very unfortunate problem for a hairdresser, she found she was actually allergic to hair dyes making it difficult for her to work in normal hair salons.

Josie is no quitter though, and had a brainwave! Already having a cabin in the garden, she saw the perfect opportunity to convert it to a hair salon where she could control the products and processes to avoid exposure to the hair tints that caused her allergic reaction and embarked on her journey to create a cabin business.

Cabin cuts offer a range of services from wash and blow-dry, to cuts, braids, men’s hair, and beard services, and children’s haircuts. She even provides extensions and funky hair tinsels which bring magic and sparkle to people’s lives! Bleaching services such as highlights or balayage are also on the menu because working from the cabin means Josie is able to control the ventilation to help her allergies.

Josie’s clients at Cabin Cuts love the salon:

“They love the fact it is a fully equipped salon without being busy like your usual hairdressers. Especially during these uncertain times! My clients have said to me how safe they feel knowing it’s just me and them. And I can control and clean the area easily.”

Cabin Cuts is solely owned and managed by Josie, being tucked away in a garden has not held her back. She promotes her business by posting regularly on her social media channels and does the occasional leaflet drop. Being talented at what she does also means that many of her customers are direct referrals from her clients who spread the word.


While COVID meant that hairdressers were unable to operate, Josie feels it gave her the time she needed to build her business, learn new skills and get the word out, showing just how resilient she is. Her clients are happy and know that it’s probably one of the safest salons around being just her and them in the salon at any given time.


cabin hair salonCabin businesscabin business - hair salon

Josie was lucky enough to have the cabin at her disposal, but it was not ready for use as a salon. She says the process of converting it was fairly easy and she was lucky enough to have friends and family that were in the necessary trades to assist her. She laid some floor and painted the cabin to create a welcoming environment for her clients and her dad being a plumber meant he was able to fit all the necessary equipment for her such as the basin, which took around two days to fully install. She says she spent roughly £1000-2000 buying equipment, insurance, products, and more to get the salon started which took around two weeks to complete. The cabin was already fitted with electricity but the water source had to be extended from the main living accommodation.

Josie has demonstrated how nobody needs to be held back by limitations such as discovering an allergy after investing in training for a career, COVID didn’t hold her back either giving her time to learn new skills and promote her business.

She says “I am so grateful for my amazing family who helped me set up so quickly and I am very grateful for all of my lovely clients.”

If Josie’s story has inspired you, you can find a garden building of your own to kickstart the cabin business of your dreams here.

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Start Working For Yourself With a Garden Room

There’s no denying that are living in the midst of a seismic shift. The Covdi-19 pandemic seems to have accelerated things that experts have known would happen for years.

Organisations have been looking at financial and environmental factors that would have eventually led to a focus on employees working from home. For businesses the costs of physical offices, staff to maintain these offices and the carbon emissions of premises are all negatives that could be reduced by implementing strategies for their workforce to carry out their tasks from home.

Government organisations and large companies who were forced into testing this home-working earlier than perhaps they would have liked have seen that their infrastructures could support this shift with some now deciding to make these changes more permanent.


Other organisations have made unfortunately had to make some serious cuts to their workforce with numerous redundancies despite the government’s furlough scheme.


Those that did work in makeshift conditions during lockdown will know that if this was to become a permanent change, they would need a more dedicated space to work from. Kitchen tables and laptops can’t cut it on a long-term basis, which is why the demand form garden office solutions has increased in the last few months.


Not only can garden rooms be used to create a dedicated office space, but the versatile nature of them also lends itself well for so many home-based business opportunities, so whether you’ve been asked to start working from home, or were made redundant and want to go solo and start your own enterprise, the garden is the place to do it! We take a look at some solutions below.


The Garden Office

Steel Framed Home Office

There are so many garden offices on our marketplace that there really is something to suit everyone. Whether you’re looking for a small dedicated space in the garden to work in peace and quiet, or something larger that a small team of people could occupy, then the garden office Is the ideal solution. There are even cubicle solutions that can be installed both inside and outside.

*Pictured is the Steel Framed garden Office By Option garden Buildings

Craft Room

Craft Workshop

Crafters will know that they need their own dedicated space to create their little masterpieces. Organisation is key with everything in its place and a place for everything. Garden rooms are ideal, giving you that dedicated space to create exactly as you desire with bespoke options, off the shelf units and even DIY projects for those that enjoy a challenge.

•Pictured is The Bespoke Handcrafted Workshop by Burlington Garden Buildings


Fitness Studio

Garden Gym

COVID has certainly made a huge impact on how we work out. With clever PT’s, yoga teachers and the like finding new ways to keep their clients in shape. Zoom was a godsend for many, and while Joe Wicks managed to find a room to teach the nation’s children, making sure they had a dedicated space was something that the majority weren’t prepared for. A garden room provides ample space, with the ability to choose the flooring and interior to work around you and your workouts.

•Pictured is Sensational Spaces Home Gym


Beauty Room / Salon

Home Hair Salon

Those in the beauty industry have perhaps had the most confusing time of all navigating the ever-changing government advice on when they could return to work with some of these small businesses being hit extremely hard by the pandemic. Anyone qualified and talented in hairdressing and beauty treatments can always find clients with the help of some advertising g on social media, which is why creating a dedicated space makes sense. It eliminates the majority of the overheads, means clients don’t have to come into your home and you don’t need to be travelling to theirs. You can create the perfect atmosphere for your clients to relax while they get pamperedwhile you work from home.

* Pictured is The Balmoral by HG Spaces



Workshops are handy for many home-based businesses. Whether you’re a carpenter, mechanic, a tinkerer, or perhaps a restorer, having a dedicated workshop built for exactly your needs could help your business venture soar.

*Pictured is The Bespoke Room by RA Garden Rooms


Music Room / Sound Studio

Music room

These garden rooms lend themselves very well to creating a dedicated sound studio for music producers, or an ideal band practice room, or teaching room for music teachers. Away from the main living accommodation, they can be easily soundproofed if necessary and keep the noise of your love of music away from people trying to relax at home.

*Pictured is the Pinnacle by Green Retreats

Writers Retreat

The Writers Studio

Writers need some peace and quiet to allow their creative juices to flow. Creating a dedicated space to take a cuppa and go and write with a nice view of the garden and the sounds of the birds for company creates the perfect serene backdrop to get those words down.

*Pictured is The Writers Studio by Curve Garden Buildings


Artist’s Studio

Art Studio

Art can be a messy business, which is why creating a dedicated studio away from the main living quarters makes a lot of sense. As with writers, artists need some space and quiet time to think and produce their masterpieces, so the garden is the perfect space.

•Pictured is Log Cabin Emma by Urban Decor




Air B&B

Air B&B Pod

For those with ample space on their hands, there are numerous options to create a little Air B&B or glamping business. Staycations have become increasingly popular and will probably be even more sure during the throes of this pandemic and for a while afterwards as people will be wary of visiting foreign lands. The possibilities here are huge, from basic accommodation or empty shells that you can fit yourself, to fully ready and operational solutions.

•Pictured is The Bespoke Camping Pod by Garden Room Design


As you can see, there are so many opportunities with a humble little garden room, but these are just the tip of the iceberg, you are only limited by your imagination, so why not visit our website here and review and compare all the options to start working from home!


Of course, there are certain considerations that should be made before you start executing any plan for your home-based business such as seeking permission from your mortgage provider or landlord. Depending on the nature of the business, you may also need permission from your local council, so we always advise doing a little research first.

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