How a Garden Room Can Help You Achieve Your Goals in 2022

composite garden room

January is a time for planning and setting goals for the year ahead. Optimising your environment for success is key to achieving whatever you are setting out to do this year. When designed for purpose, a garden room can provide the ideal space to support you in your goals. In this post, we highlight some of the ways a garden room can help you achieve your goals in 2022.

Getting fit

Whether it’s to lose weight or improve your health, getting fit is at the very top of most people’s list of New Year’s resolutions in January. Joining the gym can be costly, and there’s the additional barrier of having to travel there to work out. However, a garden room is the ideal space to create a home gym or fitness studio.

You can create a dedicated space to take up whatever type of exercise that appeals to you, whether it’s weight training, cardio, virtual HIIT classes, yoga or something else. Having a private space in your own home that is easily accessible allows you to feel comfortable and overcome the barrier of travelling to work out. This helps to ensure you will stick to your planned fitness routine and create the body you desire this year.

Starting a business

Many people aspire to set up their own business and be their own boss. If this is one of your goals in 2022, investing in a garden room will give you the ideal space to run your business from. This will give you the benefits of working from home, such as reduced operational costs, but with the added bonus of a dedicated, professional space from which to run your business.

Garden rooms make the perfect home office, with ample space for all the office equipment you need. However, they are also extremely versatile and can be adapted to suit most business needs. Whether you need a private space to see clients, a workshop to get creative in, or a conventional office set-up, a garden room can provide all this and more.

Having a dedicated space from which to run your business will help to get you off on the right footing, creating a good work-life balance from the start. This will help to ensure your business venture remains enjoyable, so you are more likely to stick it out for the long run.

Taking up a new hobby

Many of us have hidden talents just waiting to be discovered. If you are one of those people who has always wanted to take up a particular hobby but has never found the time to do it, a garden room could provide the ideal space.

Creating a dedicated space to pursue your interests and passions will help to motivate you to carve out the time for learning new things. A garden room is the perfect space for a hobby room, whether you turn it into a workshop, craft space, music room, studio or something else. It gives you peace away from the main home and anyone else you live with, so you can focus on what you’re doing.

Learning new skills helps to occupy your mind and give you something to focus on. By creating a dedicated space for this, you will be more likely to continue practising your new skills. Who knows, your passion could even turn into a business one day!

Saving money

Many of us resolve to save money and improve our finances in the new year. There are many ways a garden room can help you achieve this goal, depending on what you use it for. When viewed as a space that can be utilised as an alternative to your usual costly pastimes, a garden room can bring you great savings over the long term.

Do an audit of your spending habits and figure out where you can make savings. If you go to the gym a lot, for example, our previous tip on creating a home gym in your garden room could help save on expensive gym memberships and travel costs.

If you go out a lot to socialise, consider creating a space where you can invite your friends over and entertain in your home instead of going out. Many people add a bar to their garden room or use it as a games room. Due to the inside space that it provides, you can enjoy the space comfortably all year round. Whether it’s family entertainment, parties or date night, utilising your garden room can help you save a fair amount over the course of a year.


Whatever your goals are in 2022, we wish you the best of luck in achieving them. Setting your garden room up to support you with your goals will help to keep you motivated and persistent for longer. If you don’t already have a garden room, perhaps 2022 will be the year you make the investment – it’ll really pay off!

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