5 Benefits of an Annexe

*Image Bespoke Glamping Pod by Garden Room Design

Annexes are a popular choice on Rooms2u for many reasons, primarily they allow people to maintain independence. They are popular among families who would like to keep elderly relatives close by, while still maintaining freedom for both parties, as well as for young adults who perhaps cannot afford to move out due to high rental prices but crave to live independently.


Coming in a range of styles, sizes and shapes it’s easy to see why annexes are a popular choice. We take a look at some of the reasons you may want to get an annexe.


Getting on the Property Ladder

Sewerby Annexe

Getting onto the property ladder has become increasingly difficult over the last decade or so. Many young people find themselves priced out of the market. Staying at home is one way to reduce their overheads but the lack of independence can be off-putting for many. An annexe allows young adults to learn about being self-sufficient, have their own space and perhaps pay a lower rent to their relatives for an annexe over private rental properties and bills which haemorrhage their monthly paycheques, thus allowing them to save up for the deposit on their own property.


Keep Relatives Close With an Annexe

Cresta Annexe

Ageing takes its toll on us all, it can be a worrying time for people if their parents begin to get frail with age. Many wish to keep them close to help take care of them and ensure they are managing day-to-day, but perhaps still want independent living for themselves and their parents. An annexe allows for this. You can even get 1- or 2-bedroom annexes that are self-contained comes available for installation into a garden.


Earn Some Extra Income With an Annexe

Bespoke Tiny House

The governments rent a room scheme allows people to rent out a room in their home and earn a tax-free amount each year of £7,500. This amount would allow you to earn £625per month in rental income for a room. Renting a room in your home, however, can seem daunting and perhaps encroach on privacy and security especially if the lodger is a stranger. Renting an annexe out, however, can provide a self-contained unit for someone to rent, without the need to be inside your personal home.


Annexe Business Opportunities

Glamping Pod

Annexes are also a popular choice for glamping sites and those who operate air B&B businesses. Allowing guests to stay in annexes can prove a lucrative income stream for owners. The rise of glamping in recent years has made pods, domes and annexes a popular choice for people with some land looking to make some extra income.


Downsizing & The Environment

energy efficient annexe

Some people chose to live in an annexe simply for the mere fact that they no longer need a large home with all the associated overheads. Tiny Homes have become fashionable in recent years allowing people to live smaller, reduce their energy usage and overheads and even reduce their carbon footprint. Many annexes are the ideal candidate for solar panels to provide electricity and heat water for example. Living roofs are another way to keep heat in and help the carbon cycle. Some people choose to sell their homes, buy a small piece of land and install an annexe, lower overheads can mean a better quality of life with less work and more enjoyment.


As you can see above annexes have many plus points, if you would like to take a look at some of the annexes available, you can start your search here.

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5 Types of Garden Room

Pictured is the Buddha Lounge by Into The Garden Room

Garden Rooms have become a popular way to add some extra space at home, providing you have a garden, then it’s quick and simple to gain an extra room. With so many options on the market, there are solutions to most needs, from additional space to somewhere to work and even additional living accommodation.

In this blog, we take a look at 5 popular types of garden room; you can find out how to choose the perfect garden room for you here.

Garden Office

With the rise of home-working has come the need for a dedicated space to work. Garden Rooms are the ideal way to gain some extra space, purely dedicated to your working set up. Some people simply want a small ‘box’ in the garden with a desk, chair, internet connection and heating to work from year-round, while others prefer something larger that can be used as a multi-use room for both work and play.  Whatever your requirements, the clever creators of these rooms have something to fit your needs. Below we have picked three options to give you an idea what’s available, but you can start your own search for a garden office here.

Solis garden officeCube garden Officeufficio garden office
The Solis by Under The Living SunThe Cube by Aspen Garden RoomsThe Ufficio by Urbanpods


Sunrooms are the perfect place to relax and bask in the sunshine, when possible, year-round. From the height of summer to the chilly winter sun, you can relax and perhaps read a good book or have a coffee and catch up with friends. Traditionally thought of as conservatories, there are now multiple options to enjoy some covered dinner al fresco or catch up with friends and be sheltered from the unpredictable British weather. We have listed some below for you, but you can start your own search for sunrooms here.

The Burghley Sunroommelbourne sunroomSOLARDOME Retreat
The Burghley by Scotts of ThrapstonMelbourne 1200 by Nordic Garden BuildingsSOLARDOME® Retreat by Solardome Industries


For those looking to provide some extra living accommodation, be it for an elderly family member, a first time home for a young adult, or as a way to earn some extra income from renting it out, then a garden room could be the ideal solution. Annexes provide independence for both parties, are attractive, and come in many different shapes and sizes to suit all tastes and styles. Whether you only have a small bit of space or lots of land to build a pre-fabricated home on, then you can find the ideal solution on our marketplace. We have selected three to showcase below, but you can start your search for an annexe here.

Log Home Annexetiny house annexe
Bespoke Camping Pod by Garden Room DesignCresta 2 Bedroom Log Home by Norwegian LogBespoke Tiny House by Tiny Homes Ireland 


Gardens have always been the ideal place to have a workshop, close to the main living accommodation but separate enough to keep things segregated such as mess and clutter.  Garden rooms provide the perfect versatility, allowing you to choose a solution that works for you. Whether you need a workshop to let your artistic talents flow, or perhaps somewhere to create or repair objects a garden room could be your ideal solution. We have chosen three options below, but you can start your own search for a workshop here.

Aldford Barn Workshopgarden workshopsstandard workshop
Aldford Barn by 1 Click Log CabinsThe Garden Workshop by Green RetreatsStandard Workshop by HG Spaces

Recreational Room

Finally, garden rooms are the ideal place to create recreational space. Whether its a mancave, gaming room, garden bar, gym or somewhere to host band practice, for example, there is a garden room to suit. There are many optional extras that can be installed such as soundproofing if needed, making them versatile and functional for a host of purposes. Once again we have selected three to share on this blog, but you can start your search for a recreational room here.

Sound Studio Roomgarden gymGames Room
Sound Studio by Garden 2 Office LtdComposite Garden Room 3W by Garden Rooms East AngliaSteel Framed Games Room by Option Garden Buildings Ltd
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How To Choose The Perfect Garden Room For You

Featured image is Cedar Cladded garden Building by Oakstone Solutions, find it here.

Garden rooms are an incredibly versatile way of gaining some extra space, whether it’s for living, relaxing, working or storage there is something to suit. But, how do you know which garden room is the best choice for you with so many choices on the market?

We take a look below at some of the key considerations.

What will the garden room be used for?


This is the primary consideration and will be the largest influence on your choice. Do you need the space for work, relaxation, perhaps it’s a spare guest bedroom or an annexe for a family member? Will it be a multi-functional space such as somewhere to work and relax, or do you just need a small area to work from? Your deliberation will also require the contemplation of the following points:

  • Will it be used for one sole purpose or multiple purposes?
  • Do you need utilities connected to the garden room such as electricity for lights and power, or water for a sink or toilet?
  • How much space do you need?
  • How frequently will the garden room be used?
  • Will it need insulation to be used year round?

Consider Your Budget

Once you have decided what the room will be used for you should do some research on pricing and options. There’s no point getting carried away with plans and then discovering the garden room of your dreams is way out of reach. Make a list of your wants and needs, needs are things the structure HAS to have, while wants are optional extras that would be nice and can be added if the budget affords.

You can get a good idea of prices on our marketplace here. This can serve as a guide to start making your plans.


What Style do you like?

Garden rooms come in a range of styles and finishes, from conventional log cabin designs to funky and modern shapes in a range of colours. Consider the finish you would like, would you prefer natural wood or a composite wood finish? Which colour would best fit in with your garden and home? With wood, there’s the choice of natural, stained or painted and with composite finished there is a range of colours to select.

Choosing the shape will be dependent on the space you have to install the garden room. For small gardens a corner unit may work best, L-shape structures are a good way to increase the footprint, for annexes there is a huge range of shapes and styles available, with some unique looking buildings.


Do you need installation?

Some garden rooms come as kits to build yourself at home, while others can be installed by the company you buy from. Of course, installation is a more costly option, so for those that are quite handy and can find something off the shelf so to speak, a self-build option could be the way forward. For anything fairly complicated though, that requires the connection of utilities etc, it’s always advisable to use the correct trades for the job, this will increase the cost of the build and should be considered first.


Does a garden room require planning permission?

If you are building an annexe for dwelling then yes, planning permission will need to be obtained. Most garden rooms, however, can be built under permitted development rights if they are for an office, summerhouse etc. This is providing they are below 2.5 metres in height and are of a single story. Some areas of outstanding natural beauty are excludes from permitted development rights, so we always advise checking with your local council first, but here are the general rules for outbuildings under permitted development rights.

As with any large purchase, it’s always sensible to look around at what’s available and do proper research before committing to a purchase. We have some other interesting blogs that may help you in the search for a garden office, search for an annexe or somewhere to for the offspring chill out perhaps.

Remember, our marketplace is full of fantastic options from the usual the quirky, start your search for a garden room here.


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10 Awesome Annexes

If you are looking to extend your home to allow for additional living or sleeping space, then a garden room is the ideal solution to create annexes. Garden rooms can be custom designed to perfectly compromise your environment and suit your exact needs. We have plenty of beautiful designs from top sellers to suit all needs and budgets. Here are our top 10 picks for annexes and bedsits…


PRIMO.26.26Primo annexes

This compact garden room sold by A Room in the Garden is budget-friendly and perfect for those with space constraints. It will sleep 1-2 people if you’re looking for a small bedsit space at a budget price of £9,500. Full installation is included in the price and the unit is finished with plywood panels inside, which you can paint yourself. It comes with Grey uPVC double glazed double French doors, Tilt&Open window set, full electrical connection to your house, consumer unit, and 2 double sockets inside, 2 wall mounted LED lights, 1 external light, plywood internal walls, and commercial grade laminate floor panels.




The WansfellThe Wansfell

Sold by Garden Room Design, The Wansfell has a rather distinctive look with clean lines and full width sliding patio doors in black together with the contrast of the larch. This modern cube-like design will fit in well in any garden, whilst being striking enough to stand out as a beautiful addition. It can be finished in a variety of external cladding and comes in many sizes with prices starting from £14,495. This is an eco-friendly option with low running costs since the seller uses the latest eco-building products including extensive insulation, low energy LED lighting, and heating. We also use low E energy saving double glazing.


This spacious and attractive annex sold by Sensational Spaces is designed specifically to provide comfortable living space for your loved ones. With prices from £40,000, you can create a bespoke version of this annex that perfectly meets your needs, enabling you to provide a nearby space offering independence to the occupant whilst being close enough should they have caring needs. This unit is large enough to comfortably provide living and sleeping space with washing and cooking facilities for independent living.



Arkrooms Garden AnnexArkrooms Garden Annexe

This customisable garden annex sold by Ark Design Build is a perfect independent living space with a full bathroom and kitchenette area. Any size and style can be achieved to meet all needs, with prices starting at £28,000 for a 4mx4m design. As bespoke or off the shelf as you want, a host of extras like air conditioning and security cameras or composite deck areas can be added to complete the space.

Cedar Cladded OutbuildingCedar Cladded Outbuilding annexes

This cedar cladded outbuilding by Oakston Solutions is an attractive garden space that can be used for many purposes and is large enough to sleep 1-2 people if you are looking for an additional bedroom space. Western red cedar is a very fashionable, beautiful timber that’s very durable due to natural oils within it, making it a perfect material to finish off a garden room externally. This option can be customised to suit your needs and prices start from £22,200. It comes with plastered finished walls as standard, giving you the feel of being in a room in your home. You can even have under-floor heating installed to keep you warm during the cold winter months.


The Eco BoxThe Eco Box

The Eco Box by Smart Eco Glamping is perfect for the larger garden or commercial space, offering a comfortable space with an air of luxury. It’s a great option for the eco-conscious as the seller endeavours to incorporate eco features throughout all their products. Sustainably sourced wood, highly insulated walls and roofs (to building regulation standards), and the most up to date renewable technologies are used for heating and ventilation. Prices start from a reasonable £30,000.

The AscotThe Ascot

If you’re a looking for a home away from home, this luxury offering from Manor Park Homes gives you everything you need and more. The Ascot encapsulates a traditional grand manor styled home with a modern twist and features an opulent regal colour scheme. The versatility of its interior and exterior design makes it a perfect lodge or residential home. This 2 bedroom home showcases the seller’s keen attention to detail when it comes to home build and interior design trends. This option is customisable to suit your needs with prices starting from £140,000.

The B&B HerdsmanThe B&B Herdsman

This iconic shepherd hut design by Greendown Shepherd Huts is ideal for annexes and would look lovely in any garden or rural B&B business location. This hut comes fully equipped and ready to use. The only thing left for you to do is connect the water supply, connect the waste pipe, and plug in the electricity supply. The hut also has a lifespan of over 20 years, making it a long-lasting option for B&Bs and other overnight stay companies. This lovely hut can be yours for just £33,000.


The Apartment PodThe Apartment Pod

The Apartment Pod by Lune Valley Pods is a unique modular design that really gives the wow factor. The Apartment pod can really be anything you want it to be as it allows for multiple modules being put together to form larger, longer, and bespoke buildings. Add as many sections as your heart desires. Perfect for incorporating outdoor kitchens, seating areas, and hot tubs – the list is endless, meaning it an ideal addition for any glamping business. This product is perfect for those longer stay holidays with the whole family. You can sleep up to 6 in this pod or you can specify it to sleep 2 and live like kings! This pod has 3 distinct rooms with a large open plan kitchen/living space, a bedroom, and a bathroom. Prices start at £39,000.

The Attree RoomThe Attree Room

The Attree Room is a contemporary design by RA Garden Rooms which includes a separate space for a hot tub or seating area, giving it a unique feel compared to many garden rooms of a similar size. This additional space can even be used for extra storage, should you wish to add doors. With prices starting from a very reasonable £21,000, this room is suitable for most budgets and comes with UPVC windows and french door, thermowood vertical cladding on the exterior, 2 outside lights, 4 chrome double sockets with 1 USB connection, plaster finish with white painted walls inside for a homely feel and oak effect or grey oak laminate flooring.

Annexes are ideal for creating independent living solutions; with the cost of housing ever-increasing, grown-up children could find their first home in an annexe, or perhaps your parents now need to be close. These annexes can provide comfortable accommodation. But if none of these have taken your fancy, don’t worry, we have lots more for you to browse through here.


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10 of the Best Uses for Your Garden Room

Garden Room

Garden rooms are the latest must-have home improvement. An innovative and stunning addition, a garden room adds value to a property and provides additional space which can be custom designed to meet individual need. With almost endless possibilities, what would you use yours for? Let us inspire you with 10 of the best uses…

1. A self-contained living space

Whether it’s your teenager who’s not quite ready to move out or your elderly parent who needs a helping hand, a garden room can provide the independence your relative needs, in a place where you can keep a close eye. You can create a space that is perfectly tailored to your relative’s needs and separate from the main property to maximise privacy and independence. You’ll never need to worry, knowing you’re only a stone’s throw away if they need you.

2. A Home Gym

With a beautiful home gym, you’ll never need to fork out for expensive memberships again. Many people find it hard to keep up the habit of going to the gym, especially when they feel self-conscious. With this little addition to your home, you can workout in peace at any time that suits you. Because it’s all yours, you can kit it out with just the equipment to suit your fitness needs. Whether it’s cardio machines, free weights or more of a yoga studio that you’re after, you’ll transform your body in no time at all.

3. A playroom

Your home can quickly become a cluttered and noisy space when you’ve got kids. Your garden room can be designed to be totally child-friendly, offering a safe place where your little ones can play to their heart’s content. With beautiful patio doors, you’ll be able to supervise them from the garden or onlooking rooms in the house. Children love to have space to play and you’ll never have to step on a Lego brick on the way to collect the washing again – everyone’s a winner!

4. A garden Lounge

Tired of having to constantly turn the TV volume up to drown out the sounds of everyone else in the house? A garden room can provide a wonderful, relaxing retreat where you can escape the stresses of everyday life in purpose-built comfort.


5. A guestroom

You’ll hardly even know your guests are there when they’re accommodated comfortably at the bottom of the garden. By using your garden room as a guest bedroom, you’ll never have to bribe the kids to give up their rooms for guests again. With the rising popularity of Airbnb, you can even make a bit of extra cash renting this space out to holiday guests or students, without them encroaching on your personal space.

6. A hobby room

Everyone has a hobby, what’s yours? A garden room can give you the space to indulge in your favourite pastime in peace. With a dedicated space to fuel your passion, you might even find yourself growing it into your very own business before long!

7. A salon

For those working in the beauty industry, a customised garden room can provide the solution to costly commercial premises. And why work for somebody else when you can be your own boss? You can have your garden room kitted out with all the amenities to be a fully functioning, professional space to meet all your clients’ needs. You can choose your hours and you’ll never have to commute to work again, hooray!

8. A Home Office

Home-working is on the rise with more and more people opting for the flexibility and work-life balance it can bring. A garden room can provide a designated office space with ample room for all your paperwork and equipment; a professional environment in which to meet clients and hold important meetings. And at the end of a long day in the office, you can be home from work in a matter of seconds. Life-changing.

9. An Art or Photography Studio

If you make a living out of your creativity, a garden room can offer a stunning space-enhancing solution to working from home. Let your creativity flow, free from the distractions of communal spaces or the family home. You can have your room designed to meet your exact needs and you’ll never have to worry about the mess that art can make in your house again. With this setup, artists and photographers alike can enjoy the abundance of natural light that garden spaces bring.

10. A Bar

Tired of your local? You can’t get any more local than your own back yard. Rising prices have boosted the popularity of home entertainment and what better way to impress your friends than with your very own garden bar? You can entertain all year round, opening the doors onto long summer nights in the garden, sipping on your favourite cocktails with friends, and closing the doors on the cold with cosy winter nights around the bar with your nearest and dearest. You’ll save a fortune on the cab fayre home.


With this much versatility, it’s easy to see why garden rooms have become so popular amongst home-improvers. Contact us today for more information about this life-changing home addition.

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